Saturday, June 26, 2010

Early Chip Leader

$2000 + $200 Championship Event
$500,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool (Day 1B)

Level 3 has begun with blinds of 100/200.

Mike Dentale flopped a set of 9s and can't get away when Edip Ayaz river's the nut flush with his A2 of spades. Mike's down to about a third of his starting stack. Meanwhile, Edip Ayaz is the early chip leader with about 95k, more than triple his starting stack.

Edip Ayaz

Others I spotted on my first pass through the room:
Everybody's favorite WSOP Main Event runner-up, Steve Dannenmann, WSOP Circuit Champion Rick Rossetti, Frank Vizza, Tom Dobrilovic, David Inselberg, Matt 'Muffins' Mazzeo, Jay Johnson, Natale Kuey, Mike Contessa, Mike Devinsky, Mickey Woll, Daniel Chan, Hoang Nguyen, Eric 'clown fish' Doerr, Igor Borukhov, and the betrothed couple Joanne Monteavaro & Ian Palomo.

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