Friday, June 11, 2010

Back from Break

$200 + $30 NL

22 players remain with an average stack of 346k.

There's a redraw for seats with 18 player remaining and we'll update the chip leaders at that time.

Level 21 (10k/20k/3k ante) is underway.

See You Tomorrow

$200 + $30 NL

Players continue to head to the cashier as the paydays are fast and furious. 28 players remain after Frank Richardone (Staten Island, NY) loses with AQ vs A7.

"It's a shame to shove and lose like that," says Richardone who takes home $414 for 29th place. "But there's always tomorrow," as he looks forward to Saturday's $300 + $50 NL event, "I'll be here all (next) week."

Level 20 (8k/16k/2k ante) is underway.

Another Aguilera

$200 + $30 NL

Beautiful River for Aguilera

Christian Aguilera (Hicksville, NY) hopes he's as big a hit this tournament as what his pop music counterpart has produced. And so far this Aguilera has no need for Christina's "Genie in a Bottle," as he's been rubbing the cards the right way.

Aguilera takes down a 430k pot when he open shoves on the river with a straight and eliminates our mystery player from earlier in the day, who calls off his last 50k. "I had 10-9 off suit in the big blind," says Aguilera who's now the unofficial chip leader with 775k. "It only cost me 12-thousand more, so I took a shot."

As the hand unfolds Aguilera picks up an open-ended straight draw on the turn and connects against Mr. X who's eliminated with two pairs.

As for the Aguilera name he says, "it was great growing up because of (former Mets pitcher) Rick Aguilera, but now I get a little grief," noting that Christian is a two letter switch away from Christina.

While he doesn't admit to putting any Aguilera songs on his iPod, Christian's quick to point out, "Beautiful is a good song, you can write that."

Level 19 (6k/12k/2k ante) is winding down.

Boat vs Destroyer

$200 + $30 NL

Mike Toback (Baltimore, MD) opens for more than 1/3 of his stack to 25k and is shoved on by Chris Lim (Bronx, NY).

Toback's all-in for 63k and at risk with A Q vs Lim's KK.

Flop: 9 K A (set of kings for Lim and is a 97% favorite to win the hand)
Turn: A (kings full of aces for Lim, Toback picks up a draw and has 7 outs)
River: Q (bigger full house for Toback, aces full of queens)

The sick beat gives Toback a double up to 130k. "It's one of the worst beats I've taken," says Lim, who's crippled to 30k, "but what are you going to do? That's poker."

Level 17 (4k/8k/500 ante) is winding down.

Bubbling Over

$200 + $30 NL

The bubble lasts 30 seconds as Ken Jacoby (New York, NY) isolates the all-in bet of Scott Tuchman (Mays Landing, NJ) and takes down the pot with KK vs A8. The pocket kings hold and sends the remaining 54 players into the money.

Tuchman isn't disappointed being the bubble boy, but it's two hands before that's unkind to him when his pocket queens are cracked.

Tuchman has 120k when he opens the betting and is put to the test when a 95k shove follows.
"I'm willing to fold queens in that spot if I think I'm beat" says Tuchman, a Borgata regular. "But he (opponent) had been shoving light and he got lucky."

The player in question tables JJ and is an 80-20 dog, but a jack in the window cripples Jacoby who can't overcome the set.

Level 16 (3K/6K/500 ante) continues.

Player Profile - Joey "The B"

Name: Joseph Brooks
Town: Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Age: 43

Joey "The B"

Poker Pro since 2006 (Former Store Manager for family owned Brooks Supply)

Wife, three childern

Watching the kids play softball and soccer.

Best Borgata Moment:
Overcoming a 4 to 1 chip deficit heads-up against Lars Bonding to win the $2,500 event at the 2006 Borgata Poker Open ($241,000). "I was just an older on-line donk that nobody had heard of."

Favorite TV Show: Lost

Player Would Most Like to Face Heads-Up: Tom "durrr" Dwann

Cartoon Character that Best Represents Style of Play: Road Runner. "I take their chips, then run away."

Quote to Live By: "Life and poker are both 90% attitude. The only thing you can control is your attitude and how you act. The other 10% you have no control over."

Back at it

$200 + $30 NL

Level 16 underway (3k/6k/500 ante).

Top 5 Questions asked on Media row:

How many left? (64)
What's the average? (119k)
How much is the cash? ($296 for 54th place)
What's first place ($28,077)
When's the next break? (every three levels)

Color Up Break

Level 15 is in the books and players are on a 15 minute color up break, as the staff removes the black (100) chips.

Players continue to fall fast as 64 remain, but we expect things to tighten up as the money approaches. 10 more eliminations and we hit the first pay day of $296.

Pot Committed = Chip Leader

$200 + $30 NL

Reid Ready for a Run

Right before the dinner break, Britt Reid (Robbinsville, NJ) calls a 27k all-in bet with A 7 and then has to call 13k more on a re-shove over the top.

The first all-in player tables QQ, the second all-in has JJ.

The flop brings two hearts giving Reid a flush draw, and after picking up a straight draw on the turn, the river brings a third heart to give him the winning flush.

"I was just trying to call the short stack," says Reid who has the chip lead with 360k, "but then I was pot committed and had to call the other bet."

Level 15 (2k/4k/400 ante) continues.

Unofficial Chip Leaders

$200 + $30 NL


Britt Reid (Robbinsville, NJ) 360k
Mr. X (refuses to reveal) 330k
Kevin Doyle (Harleysville, PA) 310k
Harry Piacitelli (Plymouth Meeting, PA) 235k
Frank Richardone (Staten Island, NY) 220k

Dinner Break

$200 + $30 NL

The 81 remaining players are on a 45 minute dinner break. The average stack is 94k as we count the big stack to post in a bit.

Level 15 (2k/4k/200 ante) when play resumes at 7:35 pm.

Dude Exits Tournament And Still Has Chips

As told by Pezman "Pez" Haghshenas (Persia, Iran) three players were all in pre-flop. Cards were flipped onto the felt to reveal K-K, A-Q suited, and 9-9.

As soon as the older gentleman playing pocket nines saw a flop of 4-K-2 he stood up with disgust, uttered an expletive and hightailed it out of the room, the tournament, and probably Borgata. his anger he never realized he won the side pot of 5500. The chips are sitting right there in front of his empty chair as I type this post - plus he was the dealer and could have seen several more hands for free.

Dealer will just blind him out as his chips are up for grabs.

Chip and a Chair but in this case, just the chair.

Meanwhile the winner of the hand with a set of kings was Scott Tuchman (Mays Landing, NJ) who took down the ^90,000 pot.

Pez, the player sitting to the now empty seat couldn't believe what he witnessed. I can't either.

There's probably a poker lesson in here somewhere.

Thorne Sees Rose Of A Flop

Dave Thorne (Lansford,PA) gains a needed double up when his pocket sevens annihilate K-J offsuit.

Not much of a sweat for short stack Dave once 8-J-7 hit the flop. Turn 6. River 2.

Dave has played in tournaments in British Columbia but loves Borgata settings and structures and that they draw so many players.

With that hand Dave goes from ^21,000 to 47,000.

New Chip Leader Sitting Next To Matt Damon

$200 + $30 NLH

Adam Cook (Pasedena, MD) and Matthew Damon

Adam Cook (Pasedena, MD) counted out 236,000 chips after taking down a pot with 8-10.

A little controversy to set up the hand. Big Blind's stack accidentally falls over the line. Entire table and dealer agree it's an accident except for one player....

Third to act in the hand says it's binding and calls the floor over who indeed rules the incident as an accident.

Third to act raises. Big blind folds.

First to act, Adam, calls. They see a flop of 2-10-8.

Adam checks. Third to act shoves all in 100,000 and Adam insta calls.

Adam tables 10-8 up against 9-9. Cook spikes a ten on the river for an overkill full house.

Sidenote: The person to Adam's left showed me his ID to verify his actual name is Matthew Damon.

A couple hands later just to prove Adam Cook is human - his pocket aces lost to pocket queens after a queen hit the flop.

Level 13 Underway

$200 + $30 NLH

Back from a ten minute break and the start of Level 13.

Borgata Blinds 1200 / 2400 with 300 antes.

^150 players remain on ten tables making the average stack 55,000.

That's 22 big blinds if you're average and thinking about shoving.

I eyeballed two stacks over 200,000 and a few more closing in.

Kitzerow On The Short-Stack-O

$200 + $30 NLH

This Lady Looking For More Luck

Yeeman Kitzerow from Virgina started off great. Her full house gave her a quick double-up, or close to it.

After being card dead for a while she's now looking at 20,000 and admits she's short stacked.

Yeeman recently took down first place in a ladies tournament in upstate NY on the High Heels Poker Tour.
5PM - Event 23: $200 + $30 Survivor Cash NLH
  • 10,000 in starting chips
  • Levels last 20 minutes
  • Approximately 1 in every 10 will win $2,000 CASH
Who Will Survive?

Event #23 is underway and located on the left far side of Borgata Poker Room.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Tables are collapsing at a good clip.

Borgata Poker Open regulars Jimmy Richards and Chris Lyons are seated next to each other until the table breaks down in front of me.

Jimmy Richards (Sommers Point, NJ) told me since I posted the empty seat picture nine individuals were moved to that seat and nine individuals went home. The rest of the table survived while that phantom seat kept terminating players.

Chris Lyons (Brick, NJ) won a race from the button when his pocket jacks held up against an A-Q pre-flop shove.

Chris is sitting on 120,000.

Within one orbit, Chris survived the same opponent hitting a one outter, then a seven outter, both on the river.

Richardone Not Done Yet

$200 + $30 NL
All Smiles From Frank Richardone

"This doesn't happen to me often, or ever. It's almost embarrassing. I'm just enjoying the whole ride" says Frank Richardone (Staten Island, NY).

So here's the ride in a nutshell.

Frank comes to table 8 two levels ago bleeding and wounded with a measly 6200 in chips.

He sits down and triples up when his pocket aces hold. He gets aces again and they also hold.

From that point on Frank's hit everything building his stack up to 160,000.

"Even the hands I muck are hitting. Hopefully you'll be asking me questions in six hours."

James Boyle (also at table 8) joked that my posting Frank's picture is gonna give him a big head.


$200 + $30 NL

Take ten everyone then begin Level 10

Who's Your Daddy? It's Tremomey

$200 + $30 NL

Trevor "Tremomey" Savage

Trevor "Tremomey" Savage (West Deptford, NJ) just returned from the WSOP and has a 30 week pregnant wife (Jody) at home but still manages to manage a stack of 105,000.

When asked how he accumulated so many chips Tremomey laughed and told me, "I just don't fold any hands."

In addition he was fortunate to look down at pocket aces a couple times today as well.

Borgata Blinds: 600 / 1200 antes - 200

$200 + $30 No Limit Hold-Em PAYOUTS

Number of Entries: 508

Total Buy-In: $101,600

3........................................$ 7,638
4........................................$ 6,652
5........................................$ 5,667
6........................................$ 4,681
7........................................$ 3,696
8........................................$ 2,710
9........................................$ 1,971
10-12................................$ 1,281
13-15................................$ 936
16-18................................$ 641
19-27................................$ 512
28-36................................$ 414
37-45................................$ 345
46-54................................$ 296

Pete Bulldozzies Over Bad Bluff

$200 NL + $30

Don't Let This Happen To You

Pete Pierandozzi (Little Egg Harbour, NJ) appeared quite humble as the rest of the table praised his beautiful call. Who did he pick off, I asked? The table pointed at the empty seat and laughed.

On a board of A
2 4 J 5 Pete's opponent made his move shipping all of his 20,600 chips into the middle, trying to represent rivering a flush.

But the river also improved Pierandozzi's A-5 (no diamonds) giving him two pair.
Pete puts opponent on the bluff, makes the hero call and is rewarded.

Opponent tables K-10 of spades and exits out.

Pete is now up to 65,000 in chips, among the unofficial leaders.

Quad Quads At The Same Table

$200 NL + $30

The Quad Club

In four separate hands these four players each exploded with quads today at Lucky Table 21.

Jason Becker (Philadelphia, PA) had quad 9's.
Frank Martinelli (Delray, FL) had quad A's.
Dao Bui (Sterling, VA), the only female in the group, appropriately rivered quad Q's.
Joe Gracci ended with 2-2-2-2.

Players are back from break as Level 7 is underway.

Borgata Blinds: 300 - 600 with 75 ante.

There are 380 players remaining.


$200 + $30 (NL)

Flippin' Between Films & the Felt

It's an image you don't necessarily need to see, but it's something you really need to see. David "Flip" Filippi (New York, NY) has been in the film and tv industry for nearly 20 years, but it's this 15 second commercial for Ice Breakers Sours gum two years ago that put him on the map.

"They needed a fat, hairy guy, so I got the part," says Filippi, who's done everything from acting, to stunts to directing.

As a cab driver he drove the Sex and the City gals around New York in the first film, on Law & Order: Criminal Intent Filippi was shot in the head, and he had a part in Carlito's Way: Rise to Power, along with directorial credits. But it's the zebra Speedo that gets him noticed.

"When people find out it's me, they say I ruined their dinners," he says in between hands of Event 1 of the Borgata Summer Open. "One guy said, 'you were in my house, you violated me.'"

Filippi plays poker recreationally and is a regular for the Borgata Friday $30,000 guarantee tournaments. He's hoping for bigger and better things both at the tables and on the big screen.

"I want to keep up with the acting, but wouldn't mind being a poker pro either."

Filippi's younger brother Amnon is a rising poker pro who has more than $2.5 million in tournament earnings. "He's been on tv more than me and I'm an actor," says Filipppi as he nurses a short stack in this opening event.

A Royal Pain In The...

$200 + $30 NL

Table six is at it again.

Scott Neuman (Toms River, NJ) is becoming a royal pain in the his opponents. Scott knocks out another player, this time in royal fashion.

Neuman hits his first every royal flush after playing hold-em for six years. "It felt great. Hopefully all that positive energy will carry me to the final table - said Neuman.

He hit poker's biggest hand holding K-6 of spades vs. opponent's A-J offsuit (no spades).

Opponent turned top two pair and shoved all in just as Neuman turned the nut flush.


"She had six outs on the turn going for a full house, but was drawing dead on the river" according to another player at the table excited about the action.

River ten of spades sealed the deal doubling Scott up to 30,000 and ushering him into Borgata Royalty.

Final Numbers

$200 + $30 NL

508 is the unofficial, official count for today's field. While the numbers from the cage are verified and the prize pool tabulated, here's what players can expect.

Total Buy-In: $101,600
1st Prize: $28,077
Places Paid: 54
Min. Payout: $296

(all numbers are approximate)

Two Big Hands = Big Stack

$200 + $30 NL

Ray Ferretti (Woolwich, NJ)

Level 5 is underway.
Borgata Blinds: 150 - 300 with a 25 ante.

Ray Ferretti (Woolwich, NJ) at table 18 doubled up to 32,000 early on when his 8-9 diamonds flopped a flush and his opponent paid him off.

He continues to build his stack, now up to 55,000, after his A-Q hit runner runner Q-Q to knock out pocket kings. "I was all in on the turn and got lucky" said Ferretti.

Great Scott - Two Felted At Table Six

$200 + $30 NL

Two gone at table six. As the table described, "one bust-out and one murder".

While I was there a third player was all in after flopping a set of jacks up against a Broadway open ended draw. The draw folded and JJJ scooped.

Bust Out #1 went down on the third hand of the tournament.
Pocket aces vs. pocket queens.
Players raise back and forth until both get it all in pre-flop.
Aces hold.

Scott Neuman (Toms River) boated on the river and crippled our second Bust Out who was gone a few hands later.

Then a couple orbits later Scott makes an incredible read and laydown.
Player raises 1100 pre-flop.
Scott - "Did you make a mistake in that raise? The blinds are only 75-100."

Scott Neuman folds and shows J-J. Player tables Q-Q, impressed but disgusted.

Great read Scott.

Having Fun at Level Three

$200 + $30 NL

Craig Santoro (Annandale, NJ)

Level 3 is underway.
Borgata Blinds - 75 - 150.
Breaks every three levels.

Craig Santoro (Annandale, NJ) plays pretty regularly here at Borgata possibly giving him a "home field advantage".

Craig is gearing up for next week's deepstack and likes to play a couple events every OPEN season.

He was in a great mood, cracking jokes and having fun with the table - "This guy next to me is a shark. Every time he enters the pot the theme from JAWS plays. He's been playing sixty years and he's only 54."

Craig was psyched because he won his $200 entry playing cash earlier this morning.

I Can Not Tell a Lie

$200 + $30 NL

Boatwright & Enza Chop it up

Bluffing is part of poker, so are half truths, exaggerated folds and blatant lies, which is why it's refreshing to see true honesty at the table.

On a board of 7 8 J the action is checked to Mark Buonadonna (Vineland, NJ) on the button who bets and gets three callers.

The 10 on the turn gives anyone with a 9 a straight, and in the BB Peter Enza (Philadelphia, PA) starts the action with a 1,200 chip bet. One player folds and it's back on Buonadonna who mulls it over as Enza continues to chirp throughout the hand.

Buonadonna bluntly asks Enza, "is there anything else I should know before I fold?" Enza quickly responds, "yeah, if you can't beat a straight get out of the hand. Your two pairs or set is no good."

Buonadonna folds, but Darryl Boatwright (Sicklerville, NJ) from the SB calls.

The river is the 3, Enza bets 1500 and Boatwright calls. Both players showdown a 9 and they chop the pot with a jack high straight.

Enza honest to the end as he stacks half of Buonadonna's chips.

In The House

$200 + $30 NL

Borgata Regulars in the field:

James Boyle
Joe Brooks
Eric Doerr
Tuan Gbehan
Ahmad Wardak

Joey "The B" Brooks

Event #1 is UNDERWAY

$200 + $30 NL

Line waiting for Event #1

Welcome and Good Luck!

Event #1 is underway to kick off this year's Borgata Summer Poker Open.

The Borgata poker room is packed with close to 500 entrants, not counting those still standing in line, which is still around the corner.

Players start with 15,000 in chips.
30 minute blind levels starting at $25-$50.



11AM - Event 1: $200 + $30 No Limit Hold'em
  • 15,000 in starting chips
  • Levels last 30 minutes
  • 1-day event

5PM - Event 23: $200 + $30 Survivor Cash NLH

  • 10,000 in starting chips
  • Levels last 20 minutes
  • Approximately 1 in every 10 will win $2,000 CASH

Borgata Bad Beat Jackpot is $293,299!


Friday, June 11 kicks-off the Fifth Annual Borgata Summer Poker Open tournament series (June 11 - 30).

Borgata'S Poker Room will feature 85 poker tables for both live action and tournament play throughout the 20-day competition. A total of forty-six events surround the:
  • $2,200 Borgata Summer Poker Open Championship event (June 25–29), which features two starting dates, 30,000 in tournament chips and a $500,000 Guaranteed prize pool.

    The winner of this signature event takes home a crystal trophy, custom championship bracelet and loads of CASH!

In addition, players will compete to win the crystal trophy and bragging rights for each of the remaining Main Events - there are a total of 22 Main Events - which include Texas Hold’Em No Limit, Deep Stacks, 6-Hand Max No Limit, Survivor NLH Cash, H.O.S.E., Pot Limit Omaha, Omaha Stud, Seniors-only and Ladies-only events.

Or you may take a shot at any of the 24 super satellites, survivors, and no limit hold’em events.
On-site registration for all events takes place in the Poker Room.

Don’t forget, Borgata’s Cash Games are ready for action – and Borgata’s Bad Beat Jackpot is currently $287,838! You can always link here for the current Bad Beat Jackpot balance.


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