Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yo Eleven!

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

Bill Munyon couldn't hold on any longer and was busted in 13th place ($721).

Eric Rivkin (Newport Beach, CA) moved his last chips in with KJ, but ran into Frank Bellino's (Manalapan, NJ) pocket Queens. The flop came Q T 6 giving Frank a set, but giving Eric a ray of hope with the open-ender. The turn was another Ten, however, and Frank took the pot with a set. Eric finished in 12th place, earning $986.

End of another level and time for a break. 11 players remain.

Thrilling Thirteen

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

Eric Behar (Charlotte, NC) moved in utg and then Tyler Baltz moved in over the top from the hijack. Everyone else got out of the pot and Eric turned up pocket 6s. Tyler held pocket Aces and they held up for him. Eric was busted in 16th place ($5234). Tyler is up to about 350k.

The blinds moved up to 10/20k with 3k antes.

Charlie Marchese moved in on the button for about 90k and it was up to Larry Klur in the big blind. Larry took a couple of seconds, then made the call. Charlie's A3 off was trailing Larry's pocket 4s. An Ace on the flop changed everything and Charlie took the lead. His lead didn't last long as a 4 hit the turn, giving Larry the set and the pot. Charlie took 15th place and $721.

With that pot, Larry was up to ~650k and in the chip lead.

Robert Rudovic

On the turn with a board of J 9 6 7, Tom Jones (Mt. Ephraim, NJ) moved all-in for about 190k. Robert Rudovic (Bronx, NY) tanked for a couple of minutes, then made the call. Tom held AQ off for Ace-high with two overs. Robert was ahead with pocket 8s. River was another Jack and Robert took the pot. Tom took 14th place and $721.

Now Robert is the chip leader with about 900k.

13 players remain.

Sweet Sixteen

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

Daniel Chan busted in 20th place and another player followed him out the door. With 18 players remaining, they redrew for seats and moved to the final two tables.

Another two players hit the rail quickly and it was two tables of eight.

Marchese Doubles

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

Charlie Marchese (Shoreham, NY) got all-in holding KQ and ran into AQ. He was in bad shape, until a King appeared in the door. The rest of the board ran clean and Charlie doubled up to about 130k.

Charlie Marchese

20 players remain.

Another level gone. They're now playing in level 19 with blinds of 6k/12k and 2k antes.

Chip Counts

Play resumed following the break with level 18, blinds 5k/10k with 1k antes.

Here's a sampling of chip counts as of the previous break:

Joe D'Elia - 462k
Frank Bellino - 340k
Robert Rudovic - 334k
Christopher Dowd - 330k
Tyler Baltz - 280k
Bill Munyon - 250k
Larry Klur - 245k
Daniel Chan - 230k
Mark D'Ambrosio - 190k

Down to 20 players already!

The Snowman Melteth

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

Jay Johnson busted out in 32nd place ($319). They are getting out of here really fast now.

With 27 remaining, they broke another table. They now have three 9-handed tables.

Larry Klur opened for 50k and David "Snowman" Rotches (Ventnor, NJ) moved his last chips in the middle. Larry looked him up with pocket Queens. David didn't have his lucky pocket 8s this time. He had hung his tournament life on JT suited.

He picked up a flush draw on the flop, but it failed to complete and Larry took the pot. He's now up to about 250k. David finished in 26th place, earning $417.

A couple more players hit the rail as the last minutes in the level ticked away. 23 players remain. Average is 200k.

Joe D'Elia

Joe D'Elia has taken the chip lead with about 462k, thanks mostly to pocket Kings that held up against pocket Jacks.

Break time. Back in Ten.

Random Draws?

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

Thanks to the random nature of breaking tables and seat draws, table one has become heavily loaded. As of now, David "Snowman" Rotches, Jay Johnson, Daniel Chan, Larry Klur, and Bill Munyon are all sharing that piece of felt.

Larry Klur raised the last pot utg and action folded to chip leader Daniel Chan on the button, who called. The blinds opted out and it was heads-up as the flop came Q Q T.

Larry had checked in the dark and Daniel checked behind. The turn was a 5 and Larry bet 25k. Daniel called. River was a King and Larry checked. Daniel bet 70k.

Larry said "I think you just bluffed me out of my pot" as he open-mucked his AT off. "Nice hand" Larry continued. "Thank you" was all Daniel said as he slid his unexposed cards to the dealer.

33 Players remain. Average stack is over 139k.

Approaching the end of level 17.

Color Up Break

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

At the end of level 16, players took off for a break while the staff colored up the black 100 chips. I took the opportunity to eye-ball the stacks and discovered that Daniel Chan has claimed the chip lead. He's up to ~332k back on table one.

Daniel Chan

Over on table 3, Christopher Dowd (Hoboken, NJ) is second in chips with ~320k.

Tyler Baltz has about 240k.

38 players remain. Average stack is just over 121k.

Play resumed with level 17, blinds 4k/8k and 500 antes.

Bubble Burst!

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

When they reached 46 players, they went to hand-for-hand play on the bubble.

Play slowed to a crawl as the short-stacks were trying to survive.

Jay Johnson was all-in and behind holding AJ against AK. The flop was no help: T 6 5. Then a Queen hit the turn, giving Jay a gutshot to Broadway. A Jack would no longer help as it would give his opponent the Straight. The river delivered....a King! Jay made the straight to double-up to about 70k and avoid being today's bubble-boy.

Level 15 ended and they continued into level 16, blinds 3k/6k with 500 antes.

A couple of hands later, the short-stack on table one moved all-in on the button. Action was to Larry Klur in the big blind, who called the extra 10,800 in the dark. The short-stack was way ahead with pocket Queens. Larry rolled over 82. The flop was a mixed-bag: Q 4 3. Now the short-stack had improved to a set of Queens, but Larry had picked up a club flush draw. The turn was the 7 and changed nothing.

As players crowded around, the table, the call for "club, Club, CLUB" got louder and louder. "Nothing personal" one of them told the short-stack, whose tournament life was on the line.

The dealer burned and rolled over the river card, which was the 9! Larry took the pot with the flush and the 46th place player reported to the rail as today's bubble-boy.

With 45 players remaining, they are all in the money. The sixth table was broken and we now have five 9-handed tables.

Poker Notables

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

There is a WPT Celebrity in our midst. Larry Klur (Pembroke Pines, FL) made the final table of the Foxwoods Poker Classic $10k WPT Season 4 event in April 2006. He ended up in 4th place, earning $292,264. He's hanging on today with about 50k, well behind the average stack.

Larry Klur

Also spotted in the dwindling field: Daniel Chan and Jay Johnson. Daniel (New York, NY) won the 2009 Borgata Summer Poker Open $500 No Limit 6-handed event ($28,952). He has numerous other cashes here at Borgata, including five cashes (two final tables) during the 2010 Spring Poker Open.

Jay Johnson (Philadelphia, PA) finished 10th in Event 12 (NL Deepstack) just a few days ago, earning $3,093. He also finished 14th in Event 1 ($936). During the Spring Poker Open, Jay finished second in Event 3, the $350 NL event, for $11,370. He has numerous other cashes here at Borgata and at other Atlantic City properties.

Play Resumes

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

Dinner is over and time to get back to business.

Gentlemen (and one Lady) start your engines!

Level 15, Blinds 2k/4k with 400 antes.

Good Read Miller

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

Bill Miller 80,000

Right around the average stack, Bill Miller (Stratford, CT) holds a cram session into the Dinner Break.

Dinner Time!

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

At the end of level 14, the dinner bell rang. Players were sent on a 40-minute dinner break. Play will resume at about 7:30pm.

52 players remain. Average stack is about 88,400.

Only 45 will get paid so seven more will leave with nothing!

Bill Munyon is still the chip leader with about 250k and when his table broke, he landed at table 2 with Tyler Baltz, who is second in chips with about 243k.

New Chip Leader

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

They're currently in Level 14, blinds 1,500/3,000 with 400 antes.

Bill Munyon

Bill Munyon (Atlantic City, NJ) has emerged as the new chip leader. He's sitting behind about 250k now. He's at table 7 which will be the next table to break (to the delight of his table-mates).

56 players remain. Only 45 get paid.

Win Lose Or Chop

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

71 Players Remain. Paying top 45.

Level 14: Borgata Blinds - 1500 / 3000 with 400 antes.

I figured these two would battle.

Last hand on Table two between Joe D'Elia and Tyler Baltz and it spills into their break time.

Silence as everyone has left except for our two Players and the Dealer.

Players study a board of Q♦A♣ 5♣ 9♥ 5♥.

Joe bets 35,000 on the river. Tyler struggles but makes the call.

Joe tables K-Q and Tyler shows Q-J.

Joe shouts and fist pumps in celebration as Tyler hands his head in anger and defeat.

Just then the dealer shouted out, "It's a chop". Both players look at the cards, laugh, then shake hands.

At first glance, I must admit, I didn't see the chop either. Good job dealer!

The Snowman Cometh

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

88888 The Snowman 88888

Wow! Unbelievable. Imagine getting pocket 8-8's five times in one tournament...then imagine them winning every single time.

David "Snowman" Rotches (Ventnor, NJ) just scooped a monster 100,000 pot with, what else, pocket eights.

This time he was up against A-K.

After an Ace hit the turn, Rotches needed a miracle 8 to spike the river.

"I knew it was coming. I won five times today with pocket eights" said David Rotches.

Sure enough...

Board: 10 - 2 - Q - A - 8.

The crowd watching behind the table went nuts. Nobody could believe it!

Other players started calling David "The Snowman".

Rothces' stack stands at 175,000, among the leaders.

Tyler Baltz - New Chip Leader

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

Tyler Baltz (Nazareth, PA) is the new chip leader with 240,000.

He turns a flush with Q-9 then out of nowhere his Opponent shoves all in for 90,000 holding only pocket 8-8's. Baltz calls and sends him to the Borg Morgue. Bad time to represent a flush bro.

Also at table two is former Chip Leader, now second in chips, Joe D'Elia who just got mixed up in a hand with Tyler.

On a board of 3-5-7-5-5 Tyler bets 10,000 and Joe calls with 6-6 for the boat. A-Q no good!

If these two Chip Leaders are willing to battle, it's gonna be a wild ride to the final table.

Tournament Update

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

Short stacks are starting to shove!

112 Players remain.

I eyeballed what I think are the three chip leaders:

Joe D'Elia (Jersey City, NJ) 170,000
Chris Lyon (Brick, NJ) 110,000
Ed McCabe 100,000

Level 11 just started: Borgata Blinds - 800 / 1600 with 200 antes.


$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed


1.....................$ 21,705
2.....................$ 11,757
3.....................$ 6,068
4.....................$ 5,310
5.....................$ 4,551
6.....................$ 3,793
7.....................$ 3,034
8.....................$ 2,276
9.....................$ 1,517
10-12...............$ 986
13-15...............$ 721
16-18...............$ 523
19-27...............$ 417
28-36...............$ 319
37-45...............$ 281

Event #16 - $170 + $30 NLH (Re-Entry) 50,000 Guaranteed

Number of Entries: 460
Total Buy-In: $78,200

Rooting From Rail

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

Cortney Ringquiest & Fred Sageer

Cortney Ringquiest (Syracuse, NY) sweats Fred Sageer (Syracuse, NY) from the rail, trying to bring him some luck.

Back from break for the start of Level 10: Borgata Blinds - 600 / 1200 with 200 antes.

Down to 15 tables. ~135 players.

460 Entries. Average Stack: 34,074

Southern Hospitality

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

Lisa Vanlandingham (Nashville, TN)

Lisa Vanlandingham is getting the boys to fold at her table after shoving all in.

She shoved right during our interview then showed the table pocket tens.

Somebody shouted, "No, don't show it!" But I have a feeling it's in Lisa's nature to be nice.

Vanlandingham lives in Nashville and has been playing poker her entire life, ever since her two older brother's taught her. And now she kicks their butt at it.

Her favorite game is Pot Limit Omaha and she admires Phil Ivey and Jennifer Harmon.

She claims I bring her luck since she seems to take down pots whenever I snap her photo.

Keep "wiggling your big toe" Lisa and you'll keep surviving poker and winning pots.

Championship Qualifier Underway

3PM - Event 36: $110 + $20 Championship Event Qualifier (NLH)
  • 10,000 in starting chips
  • Levels last 20 minutes
  • Approximately 1 in 20 players will win $2,200 Entry to play in the Borgata Summer Poker Open Championship event (June 25 - 29, 2010)
  • 1-day event
Shuffle Up And Deal


$170 +$30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

Mike Miller 32,000

Pre-flop, Mike Miller (Albemarle, NC) was 1% to win the hand.

Flop: 6
J 5

"On the flop I bet 3500, he shoved for 25,000 and I called" described Mike.

Opponent tables A
K and receives bad news when Mike tables AK♣ for the nut draw.

Mike turns a flush with the 2
and pads his stack to 32,000.

99% AK vs AK ends in a chop. Miller was ecstatic after hitting the lucky draw.

Gary Still Grinding

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

Gary Humphrey Grinding

NY transit worker Gary Humphrey (Brooklyn, NY) predicts he'll go deep in today's tournament.

Some days you just feel it. He's closing in on 40,000 as his hands are holding up.

Level 7: Borgata Blinds - 300 / 600 with 75 antes.


$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

Last hand before the break, Reginald McCollum (Charlotte, NC) limps on the button with pocket Aces and gets three callers. He flops quads and with two clubs on the board waits for somebody to catch up.

Reginald, a t-shirt company owner in NC, calls 1200 on the turn, bets out 2000 on the river but doesn't get paid off despite a club on the river.

Board: A-2-A-7-K

After the 6,000 pot, Reginald has 13,000.

If you're playing in Borgata Summer Poker Open you'll be sure to spot Reginald as he plays in all tournaments on the Main Event Schedule.

Dog Days Of Summer Poker Open

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

I Have A Dog Hand

Borgata Poker Room is hopping with players trying to win some of the $50,000 guaranteed.

With re-buys counted the unofficial number of total entries is 460.

Level 6: Borgata Blinds - 200 / 400 with 50 antes.

Lyon Pounces On Three Meals

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

Chris Lyon & David Grubb

Table breaks after four way all-in felts three.

Chris Lyon (Brick, NJ) is the victor of the 50,000 pot. All four players are in pre-flop and Chris has them covered holding Q-Q.

Q-Q vs. Ah-10h vs. Ad-3d vs. 4-4

Board: J-10-3-Q-4

"I was down to 2,000 when I first got to that table" said 6 foot 6 inch tall Chris as he walks to a new table.

Chris Lyon is having a successful Borgata Summer Poker Open as he already claimed third in the $200 + $30 NLH for $7653.


$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed (Re-Entry)

Tick Tock - Tick Tock

So Level 3 concluded and players began to take their ten minute break.

Two hands before break, Fred Hood from Virgina flopped a Queen high straight but his Opponent, holding A-K turned Broadway.

Fred's stack was crippled and he wanted to re-entry, so seconds before the end of Level 3 and the break, Fred shoved with two napkins.

Two callers. Pocket Queens hold on a dry board. Fred goes bust.

Now five minutes into the break, Fred has just five minutes to re-buy. I watch him wait in the wrong line, then the right line, while the five minute deadline ticks down literally to 3-2-1 seconds as he reaches the cage and re-buys in the nick of time.

I'm not exaggerating or embellishing - literally the last second!

Just so you don't think Fred is a Donk. He was at the final table in Event 35 last night $100 + $20 NLH.

Level 4: Borgata Blinds - 100 / 200 No More Rebuys!

Shirt Stacked

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed (Re-Entry)

John Koliner Is Shirt Stacked

John Koliner (Long Island, NY) faithfully drives down to play in every season of Borgata Poker Open Events.

Things are certainly going his way as Level 2 ends.

John's 10-9 suited rivers a straight and sends his Opponent holding A-K to reach for his wallet and a re-buy. "Can I get the golden ticket please" said the man who just got knocked out.

Level 3 underway: Borgata Blinds - 75 / 150

Greenberg Scores Goal With Seat Draw

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed (Re-Entry)

Matt "Muffins" Mazzeo Schools David Greenberg

Moments before USA scores the game winning goal, David Greenberg (Brookville, NY) expresses much love for Borgata Spring Poker Open phenom Matt "Muffins" Mazzeo.

"I'm here to learn. As a new player, the education I'm getting sitting next to this guy is more than I could ever get from reading a book" says on-line player David Greenberg.

Once USA scored the only goal of the game, everyone jumped out of their seats to wildly applaud.

Muffins - "Just rooting for the US. Gotta love your country, right?"

"It's like a soccer match is on and a poker game broke out" said Greenberg.

Time To Rebuy After Early Exit

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed (Re-Entry)

William Rivera (Jersey City, NJ) with Early Double-Up

Sometimes limping with A-K pays off. William Rivera (Jersey City, NJ) limped with A-K as did his Opponent with A-6.

Flop falls A-K-6.

Both flop two pair and the fireworks ensue.

Rivera puts her all-in on the river and gets paid off.

Time to re-buy as Table 17 lost one early.

Cards In The Air

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed (Re-Entry)

Don't Forget To Re-Buy If You Bust

Welcome everyone to another fun, exciting, and hopefully profitable day of poker during 2010 Borgata Summer Poker Open.

Bring us your huge hands, your bad beat stories, your lucky one outters, and your poker personalities and we'll bring all the info from the felt for your friends and families rooting you on at home.

Event #16 is up and running.

301 players so far with a line still buying in.

You can re-buy during the first three levels if you need to.

Level 1 Borgata Blinds: 25 / 50

10,000 starting chips - 30 minute levels.

Wednesday, June 23


11AM - Event 16: $170 + $30 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)
$50,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool
  • 10,000 in starting chips
  • Levels last 30 minutes Final Table: Levels last 40 minutes
  • Players that are eliminated (bust) within the first 3 Levels may Re-Enter up to two (2) times
  • 1-day event

3PM - Event 36: $110 + $20 Championship Event Qualifier (NLH)

  • 10,000 in starting chips
  • Levels last 20 minutes
  • Approximately 1 in 20 players will win $2,200 Entry to play in the Borgata Summer Poker Open Championship event (June 25 - 29, 2010)
  • 1-day event

7PM - Event 37: $100 + $20 No Limit Hold'em

  • 10,000 in starting chips
  • Levels last 20 minutes
  • 1-day event

HOSE Recap

Borgata Summer Poker Open 2010
Event 15: $400 + $50 H.O.S.E.

The $400 buy-in H.O.S.E. mixed-game tournament drew a relatively small field of 41 players. The resulting prize pool of $16,400 would be distributed among the final five players.

It takes a different kind of player to play a mix of games that changes every eight hands. In this event, the rotation was Hold'em, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7-Card Stud, and Stud Eight-or-better. It also requires a different set of mathematical skills playing Limit games where the bets are fixed and you can't just shove all your chips in whenever you want.

There were not a lot of notable players in the field, but one such player who did not make the money was Adel Shakerian (Falls Church, VA). Adel won the Omaha Hi/Lo event during the Spring Borgata Poker Open in April 2010 ($13,489). He came close to a repeat victory in the same event two days ago, but had to settle for 6th place and $1,514. Today, he narrowly missed another cash, finishing 7th.

Kevin Smigel (Martinsville, NJ) has cashed in some No Limit Hold'em tournaments and some Stud Hi/Lo events, but this is his first reported cash in a mixed game event. He finished 5th today, earning $1,432.

Among the players who cashed today, Anthony "The Greek Jr" Snyder (Leonia, NJ) is by far the most accomplished. He has lifetime tournament earnings over $124,000. Although most of that money was won playing No Limit Hold'em, he has made final table appearances in both Omaha Hi/Lo and Stud Hi/Lo events. Today he finished 4th for $1,750.

The final three players battled for quite a while, each holding the chip lead at some point. Eventually, the ever-increasing limits took their toll and Jeffrey Wiemann (Allentown, PA) fell in third place. Jeffrey earned $2,386 for his efforts.

Heads-up play began with Vincent Basilicata (Queens, NY) holding almost a two-to-one chip lead over Dave Capell (Morganville, NJ). On the final hand, they were playing Omaha Hi/Lo and Dave got his last bet in on the turn holding a pair, a flush draw, a gutshot draw to a wheel and a low draw with counterfeit protection. Vincent held two pair. The river missed all of Dave's outs and despite playing a valiant game, he would have to settle for second place, for which he took home $3,977.

Vincent Basilicata earned $6,363 for first place, along with the beautiful crystal trophy. Vincent has some cashes to his credit in No Limit Hold'em, but this is his first reported cash in any other game.

He's been playing poker for about 15 years and says that Stud Hi/Lo is his favorite game. Despite this, Vincent took a beating in the 6k/12k Stud Hi/Lo round and was left with only 50,000 chips. When the game changed to Hold'em, he blinded down to only 15,000 before starting to claw his way back into the game. Before the game changed again, he was back to almost 100,000. Once he reclaimed the chip lead, it was his for good.

Event 15: $400+$50 H.O.S.E. Final Results

Borgata Summer Poker Open 2010
Event 15: $400 + $50 H.O.S.E.
June 22

Entries: 41 Total Buy-In: $16,400


Event 14: $300+$50 NLH Recap

Borgata Summer Poker Open 2010
Event #14 - $300 + 50 No Limit Hold'em
June 22

Monday June 22nd got off to a roaring start at Borgata as 191 players poured into the Poker Room for the 11am start of Event 14, No Limit Hold'em. The price of admission was $300 + $50 and when the dust settled, the total prize pool came to $57,300. Only the final 18 players would earn a piece of this pie and it would take just over eleven hours to narrow the field to this magic number.

Of the 191 players who entered Event 14, one name stood out from the rest. Joe Simmons (Philadelphia, PA) is a familiar face among the crowds here at Borgata. He made his mark on the poker world in 2007 when he final-tabled the $10k Borgata Poker Classic WPT Championship event, finishing 4th for $387,709. His lifetime tournament earnings are now over $740,000. Joe is a DJ, rapper, writer, producer, and former manager of the internationally acclaimed hip-hop group The Roots. He's also a regular in the high-stakes cash games here at Borgata. Unfortunately Joe's quest ended early here today. His desperation shove with King-Jack ran head-first into pocket Jacks and he was unable to get any help on the board.

The big story of this tournament was the incredible run of Matthew Galluzzo (Marlboro, NJ). The self-taught internet player defied the odds, flopping sets three times in a row in all-in confrontations with bigger pairs. His pocket 8s cracked pocket Aces, then on back-to-back hands, his pocket 9s cracked pocket Aces, then pocket Kings, busting the bubble, 18th, and 17th place players.

Matthew continued to accumulate chips until he had all 1.91 million chips in play, earning himself $17,117 for first place, along with the crystal trophy. Matthew has been playing poker for about four years and made a small cash in last year's Borgata Summer Poker Open, but this is his first win in a live event.

In contrast, second place finisher Ray Ferretti (Woolwich, NJ) has been playing poker for about 20 years. His $9,449 cash today is his largest on record.

Ben Kaufman (Olney, MD) finished in third place earning $5,280. He's been playing poker for about 12 years and is most thankful he has the support of his family.

Fourth place finisher was Joe Demrest (Hicksville, NY). He's been playing poker for about 7 years and this was his first final table. He took home $3,891 for his efforts. The poker player that Joe most admires is Eli Elezra, an accomplished tournament pro with 1 WSOP bracelet and over $1.8 million in earnings.

Event 14: $300+$50 NLH Final Results

Borgata Summer Poker Open 2010
Event 14: $300 + $50 No Limit Hold'em
June 22

Entries: 191 Total Buy-In: $57,300

10. THE VO (HARRISBURG, PA): $1,084

Event 12: $560 NLH Recap

Borgata Summer Poker Open 2010
Event 12: $500 + $60 No Limit Hold’em

June 20-22

Number of Entries: 489
Total Buy-In: $244,500
Top Prize: $67,877

Torpekay Habashzada did something her husband Sirous Jamshidi, who has $1.7 million career tournament earnings, has never done, win a Borgata Main Event. Habashzada outlasted the field of 489 players over two long days to win the $560 Deep Stack.

"It's so good, my first real tournament and I can't believe I did this well," says Habashzada (Broomall, PA) who takes home $67,877 for first place.

Habashzada earned herself the nickname the "Torpedo," for her domination throughout the tournament and specifically at the final table. She knocked out 6 of the final 8 players with a combination of good play and great cards.

"I've never seen a lady play so ferociously aggressive," says Jerry Brown (Philadelphia, PA), who wins $36,671 for second place, "that when she did get it in (the pot), she was either ahead or she hit, which is why she had 95% of the chips towards the end of the tournament."

Habashzada's big hand comes early at the final table when she won a 4 million chip pot against Jennifer So (Galloway, NJ), who was the chip leader at the time. With all the money in preflop, the Torpedo is behind with K 10♣ against So's Q Q, but a 10 on the flop, followed by a 10 on the turn, gave Habashzada trip 10s and a commanding chip lead.

"You have to play your hands and sometimes you get lucky," says the mother of three, who's originally from Afghanistan. Her husband, Jamshidi, wasn't in Atlantic City this weekend, but is certainly familiar with Borgata final tables. In January he was heads-up in the Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship Event against WSOP bracelet winner Jeff Madsen, but settled for second place and nearly $368,000.

"He knows how I'm doing and he's very proud of me," she says while clutching the crystal trophy that goes along with the title.

The tournament began with 153 players on Sunday's Day 1A, and produced Adam Cook (Pasadena, MD) as the early chip leader. Day 1B had a field nearly twice as large and had Dennis Frederick (Drexel Hill, PA) on top heading into Tuesday's finale.

Cook finished 17th, but Frederick didn't make it into the money after Habashzada was moved to his table five minutes into Day 2 play. Frederick, Habashzada and George Zias (Bethpage, NY) completely dominated their table as the three combined for more than 1 million of the 12 million chips in play when the average stack was only 120k.

Habashzada and Zias emerged from their self proclaimed "Killer Corner," with Zias joining the Torpedo at the final table, where he eventually finished 9th.

Mike Murphy (Wilkes Barre, PA), who's a full-time player and Villanova graduate, finished third earning him $18,973. "I play a lot of these (tournaments) and this is my best finish, so it's great," says Murphy. "I've gotten to the last two or three tables, but never a final table."

But in the end, the table belonged to the Torpedo, who's happy to bring home a Borgata Main Event crystal for the Habashzada-Jamshidi trophy case.

Event 12: $500+$60 Deep Stack Final Results

Borgata Summer Poker Open 2010
Event 12: $500 + $60 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em

June 20 - 22

Entries: 489 Total Buy-In: $244,500

17. ADAM COOK (PASADENA, MD): $1,636

Champion - Matthew Galluzzo

$300 + 50 NLH

Here are the approximate chip counts at the start of four-handed play:

Matthew Galluzzo - 1.051 million
Ben Kaufman - 335k
Ray Ferretti - 260k
Joe Demarest - 233k

Before I could get the previous bust-outs and chip counts entered in the computer, Matthew had made short-work of the other three remaining players.

The first to go was Joe Demarest. He finished 4th, earning $3,891.

Joe Demarest - 4th place

Next to fall was Ben Kaufman. His third place finish was good for $5,280.

Ben Kaufman - 3rd place

Ray Ferretti made it all the way to the final two, but was unable to overcome the mountain of chips Matthew held. Ray took home $9,449 for second place.

Ray Ferretti - 2nd place

Matthew Galluzzo is tonight's champion, earning $17,117 and the beautiful crystal trophy.

Matthew Galluzzo - 1st place

5th place - Tommy Leonard

$300 + 50 NLH

After busting Danny Guerin, Matthew Galluzzo's stack has swelled to more than one million chips. There are only 1.91 million chips in play.

Tommy Leonard moved all-in from the button, only to run into Matthew Galluzzo's pocket Aces. No miracle occurred and Tommy reported to the rail in 5th place, earning $3,335.

Tommy Leonard - 5th place

6th place - Danny Guerin

$300 + 50 NLH

Chip leader Matthew Galluzzo raised to 30k from the button, then Danny Guerin moved all-in from the small blind. Joe Demarest mucked his big blind and Matthew made the call.

Danny must have suspected Matthew was stealing as he tabled A3 offsuit. Matthew however, had a very legitimate hand -- pocket Jacks. (Joe confessed to folding a "better Ace" than what Danny had, so one of Danny's outs was dead.)

The board came Q 8 T 9 6 and Matthew improved to a straight on the turn. Danny was drawing dead. He finished in 6th place earning $2,779.

Danny Guerin - 6th place

7th place - Hood; 8th place - Hopkins

$300 + 50 NLH

In a three-way all-in, Allen Hopkins, Jr. was the shortest stack but was ahead with pocket Tens; Frederick Hood was the middle stack and held pocket AT offsuit; Danny Guerin had them both covered and held 74. The board came 6 4 4 9 5 and Danny scooped the main and side pots with trip 4s.

Because Allen started the hand with fewer chips, he finished in 8th place ($1,667). Frederick finished 7th for $2,223.

Frederick Hood - 7th place

Allen Hopkins, Jr. - 8th place

9th place - Bill Skowron

$300 + 50 NLH

Bill Skowron shoved under-the-gun, only to have Danny Guerin shove over the top. Everyone else got out of the way and Bill showed KQ. He was dominated by Danny's AK.

The flop reversed the lead, however, when it came Q J 8, giving Bill a pair of Queens. His lead was short-lived, however, when a Ten fell on the turn, giving Danny the Broadway straight.

Bill's only hope for survival was an Ace on the river to chop, but it bricked out and he was busted in 9th place ($1,251).

Bill Skowron

10th place - The Vo

$300 + 50 NLH

Play resumed after the break with level 17, blinds 4k/8k with 500 antes.

Bill Skowron got his short-stack all-in holding JT. Big stack Matthew Galluzzo looked him up with pocket 9s. Bill took the lead when the flop came A A T. He only had to fade the two remaining 9s in order to double through. The last two cards came Q 3 and Bill doubled up.

After The Vo raised utg+1 and Ray Ferretti moved in from the button. Action folded back to The, who made the call with AK off. Ray held T5 of clubs. He was a definite underdog, until the flop came Q 9 4 -- all clubs. Ray made his flush but had to dodge all the remaining clubs since The held the King of clubs. The last two were safely offsuit, 6 3, and Ray doubled up.

The Vo was left short and on the next hand, he moved all-in for this last 40k. Ben Kaufman made the call holding pocket Aces. The held Q7 and would need help to survive. He got none, however, and was busted in 10th place ($1,084).

The Vo

Champion - Habashzada

$500 +60 NL Deep Stack Final

Torpekay Habashzada (Broomall, PA)
1st Place, $67,877

Torpekay "The Torpedo" Habashzada completely dominates the final table to take down the Deep Stack tournament. On the final hand, like she did all tournament long, Habashzada finishes with a bang by flopping a king high flush. Habashzada finishes ahead of Jerry Brown and Mike Murphy.

"It's so good, my first real tournament and I can't believe I did this well," says Habashzada who takes home nearly $68,000 for first place.

Habashzada, who we highlighted early during Day 1B play as the wife of successful Borgata regular Sirous Jamshidi, mixes in a good run of cards with aggressive play.

"I've never seen a lady play so ferociously aggressive," says Jerry Brown (Philadelphia, PA), who takes home more than $36,000 for second place, "that when she did get it in, she was either ahead or she hit, which is why she had 95% of the chips towards the end of the tournament."

Habashzada's big hand comes early at the final table when she won a 4 million chip pot against Jennifer So (Galloway, NJ), who was the chip leader at the time. With all the money in preflop, the Torpedo is behind with K 10♣ against So's Q Q, but a 10 on the flop, followed by a 10 on the turn, gives Habashzada trip 10s and a commanding chip lead.

"You have to play your hands and sometimes you get lucky," says the mother of three, who's originally from Afghanistan. Habashzad continued to get hit by the deck as he torpedoed most of the final table, knocking out 6 of the final 8 players.

"You play two full days, your happy just to win something,"says Brown, who began the final table with less than 400k, "and being as short stacked as I was the whole final table, I'm ecstatic to come in the place I did."

Mike Murphy (Wilkes Barre, PA), who's a full-time player and Villanova graduate, finished third good for almost $19,000. "I play a lot of these (tournaments) and this is my best finish, so it's great," says Murphy. "I've gotten to the last two or three tables, but never a final table."

But in the end, the table belonged to the Torpedo, who says her husband is thrilled. "He's very proud of me," she says while clutching the crystal trophy for winning Event 12 of the Borgata Summer Poker Open.

Jerry Brown (Philadelphia, PA)
2nd Place, $36,761

Mike Murphy (Wilkes Barre, PA)
3rd Place, $18,973

4th - K. Johnson

$500 +60 NL Deep Stack Final

Kevin Johnson (Bridgewater, NJ)
4th Place, $16,602

Kevin Johnson is down to 300k at one point of the final table, but after doubling twice and picking up the loose change is at 1.4 million. He's all in with 5 5 and is in a coin flip vs the "Torpedo," who has A 10.

The flop has a 10 and Johnson's done for the day. Torpekay Habashzada now has nearly 11 of the 12 million chips in play as she plays three handed against Jerry Brown (Philadelphia, PA) and Mike Murphy (Wilkes Barre, PA).

5th - So

$500 +60 NL Deep Stack Final

Jennifer So (Galloway, NJ)
5th Place, $14,230

After suffering a horrendous beat earlier at the final table, Jennifer So manages to keep her composure and finish 5th. She has less than 1 million chips and is all-in against Kevin Johnson.

So: A J
Johnson: 10 9

The board brings a 10 and is the end of the line for So.

6th - Black

$500 +60 NL Deep Stack Final

Jeff Black (Ventnor, NJ)
6th Place, $11,858

Torpekay Habashzada limps from under the gun and goes to a flop with Jeff Black in the big blind. The flop is K K J and Black jams for 1.2 million. The "Torpedo," in what's becoming a standard refrain, quietly says, "call."

Black tables J 4 and is stunned to see the K 5 and trip kings from Habashzada. "How do you have a king there," he says realizing his tournament is over (barring the .1% chance he goes perfect, perfect for quad jacks).

The turn and river are definitely not jacks and Habashzada has roughly one gazillion chips and is clearly the chip leader.

7th - Gross

$500 +60 NL Deep Stack Final

David Gross (Brooklyn, NY)
7th Place, $9,487

David Gross opens the betting to 200k and Jeff Black makes the call from the SB. "Torpedo" Habashzada, in the BB raises to 600k and Gross puts it all-in.

Black folds, while Habashzada, calls for 500k more.

Gross: A 8
Habashzada: K J

To save time and energy...yadda, yadda, yadda...she picks up an open ended straight draw, but hits a king on the river, as the Torpedo eliminates Gross, adding another 1.5 million chips to her war chest.

There's too many chips, in too many uneven stacks to count, so we're ballparking Habashzada's total at 7 of the 12 million chips in play.

8th - Jaffe

$500 +60 NL Deep Stack Final

Will Jaffe (Bridgehampton, NY)
8th Place, $7,115

Will Jaffee raises 180k preflop and Torpekay Habashzada flat calls. The flop is A-9-J and Jaffe jams for 1 million chips. The Torpedo snap calls and tables 9 9 for a set of 9s vs Jaffe's A 10.

The turn is a ten, giving Jaffe two pairs and more outs, but the river bricks and Hashbazada adds another 1.5 million to her stack, as she now has nearly half the chips at 5.5 million.

Blinds are up to 40k/80k/5k ante.

9th - Zias

$500 +60 NL Deep Stack Final

George Zias (Bethpage, NY)
9th Place, $4,744

George Zias doubles up early to start the day and uses the momentum to make the final table. mOn his final hand he shoves pocket 10s for his final 450k and David Gross makes the call with A Q.

A queen hits the fop and that's all Z-wrote.

Super Stacks Collide:

$500 +60 NL Deep Stack Final

The final two women, who are 1-2 in chips mix it up in a huge pot. Torpekay Habashzada, who's earned the nickname of "Torpedo," opens for 400k. Jennifer So shoves all-in for 2.8 million and has the Torpedo covered.

Will Jaffe's caught in the middle and really never gets a chance to act, but quickly folds when hears Habashzada call, as she puts her 2 million chips at risk.

So: Q Q
Habashzada: K 10

Flop: 10 3 5 (So's ahead, but Torpedo picks up outs)
Turn: 10 (trip 10s for Torpedo)
River: 4

The turn card stuns So, who keeps repeating, "that's so gross, so gross," as the dealer counts out 2 million of her chips, leaving her with just 800k. The torpedo now has 1/3 of the chips in play as she doubles to 4 million.

After the hand, Jaffe says he folded ace-king.

10th - J. Johnson

$500 +60 NL Deep Stack Final

Jay Johnson (Philadelphia, PA)
10th Place - $3,083

Jay Johnson opens the betting and Kevin Johnson re-pops, putting JJ to the test. "I have to much invested," he says, "I call."

J. Johnson: A J
K. Johnson: 10 10

JJ gets no help from the board and is out in 10th place, earning him $3,083.

Final Table Chip Counts

$300 + 50 NLH

With ten players remaining, they drew for seats and moved to a single table. There were a few minutes remaining in the level and they finished those up, then took a break. Here are the final ten players with their approximate chip counts as of the break:

Seat - Player - Hometown - Chips
1 - Frederick Hood - Blacksburg, VA - 100k
2 - Tommy Leonard - South Hadley, MA - 170k
3 - Ray Ferretti - Woolwich, NJ - 118k
4 - Matthew Galluzzo - Marlboro, NJ - 600k
5 - Allen Hopkins, Jr. - Wilmington, NC - 37k
6 - Bill Skowron - Iyamsville, MD - 48k
7 - The Vo - Harrisburg, PA - 164k
8 - Danny Guerin - Centerport, NY - 138k
9 - Joe Demarest - Hicksville, NY - 185k
10 - Ben Kaufman - Olney, MD - 362k

Final Table

$500 +60 NL Deep Stack Final

Seat-Name-Chip Count

1. David Gross (Brooklyn, NY) 610,000
2. Kevin Johnson (Bridgewater, NJ) 1.1 million
3. Jennifer So (Galloway, NJ) 2.8 million
4. Will Jaffee (Bridgehampton, NY) 1.1 million
5. Jeff Black (Ventnor, NJ) 1.5 million
6. George Zias (Bethpage, NY) 700,000
7. Jay Johnson (Philadelphia, PA) 325,000
8. Torpekay Habashzada (Broomall, PA) 2.6 million
9. Jerry Brown (Philadelphia, PA) 385,000
10. Mike Murphy (Wilkes Barre, PA) 1.1 million

Blinds are 30k/60k/5k ante