Friday, June 25, 2010

Muck You

$2000 + $200 Championship Event
$500,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool (Day 1A)

You often see players flashing cards to their neighbor before laying down a hand. At table 2, the action sets off a chain reaction that has the whole room buzzing.

The board shows J K 8 9 10and Lyle Diamond (Brick, NJ) makes a 3k river bet. The player in Seat 4 flashes his hand to Seat 5 (both wish to stay anonymous) and as Seat 4 puts his cards face down over the bet line, Seat 5 says, "you have a straight."

Before the cards hit the muck, Seat 4 quickly pulls back his cards and turns over K 7 for the low end of a straight. That's when chaos ensues.

Seat 4 says he never folded, Seat 5 is apologizing to Diamond, the floor's trying to make a ruling. Everyone has an opinion.

During the battle of wills and explanations, Diamond turns over K 9 for two pairs. After several minutes of deliberation, the ruling is that Seat 4 mucked and Diamond gets the pot.

Seat 4 is livid, Diamond's raking in the chips and Seat 5 feels awful saying, "sorry dude, it was just instinct, I shouldn't have said anything."

Level 4 (100/200/25) is winding down.

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