Sunday, June 27, 2010

Big Action, Big Pots

$2000 + $200 Championship Event
(Day 2)

After an early position player opened for 10k, Tom Dobrilovic flatted from the small blind, then Ed Corrado shoved > 170k. The opener folded and Tom insta-called, showing pocket Aces. Ed held AK and was in bad shape. Then the board came K Q 6 4 K giving Ed trip Kings and the monster pot. He had Tom covered so Tom was busted. Ed's up to ~345k.

Meanwhile, the fireworks continue back on table 1. On the turn with a board of J935 Baruch Adams moved in. Big stack Mirza Nagji made the call, showing T8 for the flopped flush with open-ended straight-flush redraw. Baruch tabled T9 for nothing but a pair of 9s. He was drawing dead and hit the rail.

With that pot, Mirza is approaching 400k and back in the chip lead.

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