Sunday, June 27, 2010

Short Stack Ninjas

$2000 + $200 Championship Event
(Day 2)

As another table breaks, some short stacks are finding new life.

At table 3, Mark Hnatov (Huntington, NY) gets his last 30k all-in vs two players.

Hnatov: A A
Paul Snead: 7 7
Anonymous: Q Q

Hnatov's hand holds up and is now close to 100k. Snead, who we featured earlier in the tournament, is out, while Mr. Anonymous is still alive.

At table 5, the self admitted poker tourist Eugene Juergens (Brighton, MI, who says, "I'm on a poker vacation," has taken his 10k to nearly 150k. Every time he double or triples up he yells, "yes, I did it. I did it again!"

54 players remain on 6 tables with an average stack of 178k. There's just a few minutes left on the level, before they bag and tag for the night.

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