Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10th Place - Joshua Hakakian

$2000 +$200 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em
Borgata Summer Poker Open 2010

Championship Event Final Table

Cards are in the air at the final table of the main event here at Borgata. They're still playing with blinds of 15k/30k with 3k antes.

Joshua Hakakian - 10th place

Joshua Hakakian was happy when he drew the button in seat 3, but then on the first hand, Frank Dellaria opened for 100k from the hijack (two off the button). Joshua looked down at AK suited and moved his 240k all-in. Frank insta-called, tabling the weapons of mass destruction, pocket Aces.

The board came scary for Frank, as the flop was J T 3 with two of Joshua's suit giving him both straight and flush draws, but the last two were offsuit 2 7 and Frank took the pot.

Joshua Hakakian finished in 10th place, earning $8,096.

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