Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4th place - Mike Melkersen

$2000 +$200 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em
Borgata Summer Poker Open 2010
Championship Event Final Table

Mike Melkersen - 4th place

On the last hand of the level, Billy O'Neil raised to 150k from the small blind. Mike Melkersen moved all-in from the big. Billy asked for the count (620k on top) then made the call.

Mike's AJ offsuit was ahead of Billy's Q4, but the flop was a killer: KT3, giving Billy the flush. Since Mike had no club in his hand, it was all over.

Mike Melkersen finished in 4th place, earning $43,592.

Mike is a 35-year-old attorney and father of two, originally from Maryland, but living in Harrisburg, VA. He's cashed four times at the WSOP, but this is his first cash in a major event at Borgata. His greatest accomplishment outside of poker: "Marrying my best friend who prevents me from becoming the degenerate gambler I am".

After that hand, the final three took a ten minute break, then resumed play with blinds of 40k/80k and 5k antes. Here are their chip counts:

Billy O'Neil - 4.34 million
Mirza Nagji - 3.3 million
Todd Geddis - 1.99 million

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