Tuesday, June 29, 2010

11th Place - Alex Kuchik

$2000 +$200 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em
Championship Event Day 3

Alex Kuchik

Alex Kuchik was a deuce away from making the final table, instead he has to wonder what could've been as he finishes in 11th place.

To set the stage, Kuchik had Mike Melkersen on the ropes with A 8 vs A 2, but when a two fell on the turn it doubled Melkerson up and took a bite out of Kuchik's stack.

On the next level, with the blinds 15k/30k/3k ante, Kuchik is all-in against Mirza Nagji, but this time he's on the wrong side of ace vs ace when his jack is out kicked by Nagji's queen. But, there's no three-out help for Kuchik who misses the final table by one spot.

"Ace-eight, that was the hand," says Kuchik. "I win that and it's a different story."

The grind to get to the final 10 was a tough one as the short stacks kept doubling-up. One of the more notable hands came in a battle of the blinds when Dean Potashner calls an all-in post flop shove from Todd Geddis.

Both had middle pair on a board of 10 9 3, but Geddis has Potashner out kicked 9 7 to 9 5, as he doubles to nearly 800k.

In another key double-up Billy O'Neil raises to 70k from the button and Joshua Hakakian raises to 250k. O'Brien says, "well I know the short stacks can't lose. I'm all-in." It's only 154k more to Hakakian who makes the call.

O'Neil: A 10
Hakakian: 5 5

Flop: 3 J 4
Turn: 7
River: A

The ace on the river gives O'Neil the hand, taking his stack to more than 700k, while the hit drops Hakakian to 240k.

Players are bagging and tagging for the night as they return at 11 am for the final table.

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