Thursday, June 24, 2010

9th place - Kevin Murray

$700 + $70 NLH 6-Handed

Kevin Murray opened for 6,900 on the button and then Mike Devinsky raised to 16,600 from the big blind. Kevin thought about it, then called. The flop came 9 5 3 rainbow. Mike led out for 20,500. Kevin shoved. Mike snap-called all-in for 103,400. Kevin held AT of diamonds. Mike was ahead with AQ of spades. Last two cards were running 4s and Mike doubled up with AQ-high. Kevin was left with only about 10k.

On the next hand, Kevin was all-in and called by Peter Zhou and Jason Laso. The flop came K Q 4 and Peter bet. Jason folded. Peter held K9 for top pair. Keven was in trouble with T7 off. The last two came Q 9 and Peter took the pot.

Kevin Murray finished in 9th place, earning $1,446.

Kevin Murray - 9th place

Ian Searing was moved into Kevin's vacant seat so there are now two tables of four.

Blinds are up to 2k/4k with 400 antes.

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