Thursday, June 24, 2010

Six Hand Gbehan

$700 + $70 NLH 6-Hand

Tuan Gbehan (Toms River, NJ) ran into some chip trouble when his A-Q ran into Opponents K-K and a Queen hit top pair on the flop.

Borgata regular Tuan told me six-handed was his specialty. "I like it. I like to punish these guys...or they punish me."

Tuan got some chips back from same Opponent after his A-2 saw a board of Q-A-6-J-A.

Tuan kept talking and betting and I guess his Opponent didn't believe him as he said, "I'll pay you off. I sort of owe you." Opponent flashes a Q. Tuan scoops.

Back From A Ten Minute Break.

Level 3 Begins - Borgata Blinds - 75 / 100.

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