Thursday, June 24, 2010

Champion - Robert Rudovic

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

Robert Rudovic's monster stack proved insurmountable. First he dispatched Mark D'Ambrosio in 5th place ($4,551).

Mark D'Ambrosio - 5th place

Then Pete Krachtus was busted in 4th place, earning $5,310.

Pete Krachtus - 4th place

Larry Klur fell next, finishing 3rd for $6,068. A couple of hours into this event, Larry was down to only 4,000 chips and managed to come all the way back for a top three finish.

Larry Klur - 3rd place

Joe D'Elia held out the longest, but couldn't overcome the chip deficit. He finished second for $11,757. Joe was the only one of the top three players who re-entered today.

Joe D'Elia - 2nd place

Today's champion is Robert Rudovic of Bronx, NY. He takes home $21,705 and the crystal trophy.

Robert Rudovic - 1st place

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