Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kleining Up The Leaderboard

$700 + $70 NLH 6 Hand

Andrew Klein Felts Another

Andrew Klein (Ocean, NJ) flops a set against Opponent's two pair.

Andrew's 5(s)5(c) against 9-4.

With three clubs on the flop, Andrew bets, Opponent raised, Andrew jammed, Opponent called.

With that knock-out table 1 was down to three players. Guess who was brought over to the table to sit on Andrew's left? Former chip-leader Bruce Yamron. I say former because after that pot, Andrew now has 78,000 and the tournament chip lead.

Meanwhile Mike Contessa (Rochelle Park, NY) a Table 1 original - told me he has what they started with ~15,000.

Looks like Contessa survived a tough table with a lot of knockouts.

If the two Chip Leaders tangle, of course we'll report it!

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