Thursday, June 17, 2010

Biggest Borgata Bad Beat Ever Won


Bad Beat Jackpot Dealer - Steve Gamble

The largest bad beat jackpot in Borgata history $332,544 has been paid out across $1 - $2 no limit table #14 at exactly 10:00 AM this morning.

It was the first hand Steve Gamble (Brigantine, NJ) dealt today. "I came in at ten o'clock, just sat down, and dealt out the first hand."

According to Steve everyone was jumping up and down but he was like a deer caught in the headlights, in complete shock. "During twenty years of playing and dealing I never hit or dealt out the bad beat" said Steve.

Eight players were dealt into the hand and each will receive $22,170.

The winner of the hand and second place prize of $66,509 was Carlo Santos (Blackwood, NJ) holding A♠ 3♠

At the end of the hand, Carlo shouted out, "I got the nuts".

But the big money winner at $133,000 is the loser of the hand, Do Hien (Vietnam).

Do was holding 2 2♥. As soon as the hand concluded Do stood up and screamed, "I got the bad beat" next he threw his deuces onto the table revealing quads.

Carlo Santos - A♠ 3♠ versus Do Hien - 2 2♥

Flop: K♠ 2♠ 2♣

Turn: 4♠

River 5♠

Carlo has a straight flush steel wheel and Do dropped quad deuces.

Three player to the flop. Do went all in on the river and Carlo called.

Do Hien, who's been playing poker since 2003, told me he's going to buy a new house with the money for his wife and two kids. "I played yesterday into this morning for twenty hours and was up $1500. I was sitting in my car and had a feeling to go back inside and play some more."

On the other hand, Carlo was just trying to win his buy in for today's Borgata Summer Poker Open deepstack event at noon. Looks like he more than accomplished that goal.

Sidenote: One minute before the hand was dealt, the player sitting in Carlo's 7 seat got up and moved to the three seat. Carlo sat down in the 7 and the rest is Borgata history.

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