Thursday, June 17, 2010

Broad Mixes it Up With Broads At Table

$200 + $30 Deep Stack Turbo NLH

Jordan Broad 44,000

Early action and gender wars at Table 3 in the Deep Stack Turbo.

Jordan Broad (Middleton, NJ) risked his entire stack on a read, was correct and got paid off.

Jordon's 6-8 offsuit versus Opponents' 9-10 suited..

Flop fell 5-7-8.
With top pair and open ended draw, Jordon check raised once the K hit the turn.
With high end open ended draw, Opponent jammed the rest of her 12,000 deep stack and Jordon called.

River 9 gave the pot to Jordon and knocked the female Opponent out the door.

She was pretty upset, shouting, "How can you make that call for all your chips? I shoved all in."

Jordon's thinking was he had a made hand and she didn't.

"He's a baaaaad boy" said Borgata Deepstack Regular - Ju Wang in the 2 seat. "She was mad. Macho Man picking on us woman."

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