Thursday, June 17, 2010

No Tells From Nels

$300 + $50 NLH Seniors

Nels Lober

On a scary board of 5
2 3 K 5, Nels Lober (Milford, Delaware) continues betting big and OG (Original Gorilla) folds.

Nels shows respect along with his cards - K
10 for top pair on the turn, followed by the river flush.

With that 3,000 pot, Nels is back to his starting chips.

Nels enjoys Borgata Senior NLH tournaments because, "It can be a much more solid game. Less goofballs and gunslingers playing 5-7 and 2-8. A lot of the young guns are gamblers, not card players."

Seniors are well into Level 4:

Borgata Blinds: 100 / 200 - no antes

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