Thursday, June 17, 2010

Poker Cop Sends Donk To Slammer

$300 + $50 Senior NLH

Drew Krafte Has The Table Surrounded

Retired Washington Township police officer Drew Krafte (Wyckoff, NJ) punches a fellow Senior out after out-flopping him.

Up against A
J, Drew, holding K Q♠ loved seeing the flop 3 6 Q and hitting top pair and a flush draw.

As the betting was coming down, I kid you not, a tablemate not in the hand tossed a lemon flavored ricola candy at the dealer and said, "Let's sweeten the pot". Ah, wrapped hard candy from Grandpa - happy memories.

Turn 2
and river 3 gave Krafte the 15,000 pot and a 62,000 stack.

"The Senior tournament is great. No kids in sunglasses with ipods jumping all around" exclaimed Drew.

I asked Drew as a former cop if it was okay to steal in poker? He laughed and said, "of course - you can lie too".

As for doing some detective work to track down this blog and website...Drew assigned his ten year old son Ion in charge who will have to help his Pop solve the case.

We're currently on a Ten Minute Break

When we return: Level 10 - Borgata Blinds - 600 / 1200 with 200 antes.

43 Players remain on 6 tables.

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