Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bubble Burst!

$300 + $50 Omaha H/L

The comeback kid, Norberto Sopeno, (Roanoke, VA) is back up to 17k after being down to only 1,500 chips at one point. As players were dropping between 27 and 20, Norberto was all-in repeatedly and kept winning at least half the pots. During hand-for-hand play he continued to chip up to About 24k.

With 19 players remaining, they began playing hand-for-hand. Also, level 16 concluded and they moved into level 17 with limits of 5k/10k.

Toni Pennington (Galloway, NJ) has been the last woman in this event for quite a while and she ended up also being the shortest stack at bubble-time. She had her last 4k all-in and short for the big blind, which should have been 5k. The under-the-gun player put his last 8k all-in and Adel Shakerian made the call. Here are their hands:

Adel: A943
Toni: AQ77
utg: A332 (spades)

The flop came KT4 giving Toni new life with the nut flush. The last two came 2 J and there was no low possible. The utg player was busted as the bubble-boy. Adel took the side-pot with just a pair of 4s and Toni was up to 14,500 and in the money!

With 18 players remaining they took a break and then will redraw for seats and move to the final two tables.

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