Sunday, June 20, 2010

More than a Min Cash

$260 + $40 Ladies NL

Min Zhuang (Smithtown, NY)
4th Place - $1,975

Pocket kings knocks out a queen as there's three way all-in action. Alyson Parker raises to 35k, Briana Myers moves all-in for 85k. Min "The Shark" Zhuang makes the call, but only has 71k. Parker calls as well.

Myers: KK
Zhuang: AQ
Parker: QJ

The flop is K 9 K, giving Myers quad kings, making the turn and river cards irrelevant. Myers doubles through Parker, while Zhuang is out in 4th place.

On the very next hand Myers gets pocket kings again and is up against Parker who tables A 10. Parker flops two pairs and turns a boat to get right back in the game.

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