Wednesday, June 23, 2010

10th place - The Vo

$300 + 50 NLH

Play resumed after the break with level 17, blinds 4k/8k with 500 antes.

Bill Skowron got his short-stack all-in holding JT. Big stack Matthew Galluzzo looked him up with pocket 9s. Bill took the lead when the flop came A A T. He only had to fade the two remaining 9s in order to double through. The last two cards came Q 3 and Bill doubled up.

After The Vo raised utg+1 and Ray Ferretti moved in from the button. Action folded back to The, who made the call with AK off. Ray held T5 of clubs. He was a definite underdog, until the flop came Q 9 4 -- all clubs. Ray made his flush but had to dodge all the remaining clubs since The held the King of clubs. The last two were safely offsuit, 6 3, and Ray doubled up.

The Vo was left short and on the next hand, he moved all-in for this last 40k. Ben Kaufman made the call holding pocket Aces. The held Q7 and would need help to survive. He got none, however, and was busted in 10th place ($1,084).

The Vo

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