Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Champion - Matthew Galluzzo

$300 + 50 NLH

Here are the approximate chip counts at the start of four-handed play:

Matthew Galluzzo - 1.051 million
Ben Kaufman - 335k
Ray Ferretti - 260k
Joe Demarest - 233k

Before I could get the previous bust-outs and chip counts entered in the computer, Matthew had made short-work of the other three remaining players.

The first to go was Joe Demarest. He finished 4th, earning $3,891.

Joe Demarest - 4th place

Next to fall was Ben Kaufman. His third place finish was good for $5,280.

Ben Kaufman - 3rd place

Ray Ferretti made it all the way to the final two, but was unable to overcome the mountain of chips Matthew held. Ray took home $9,449 for second place.

Ray Ferretti - 2nd place

Matthew Galluzzo is tonight's champion, earning $17,117 and the beautiful crystal trophy.

Matthew Galluzzo - 1st place

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