Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Snowman Cometh

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

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Wow! Unbelievable. Imagine getting pocket 8-8's five times in one tournament...then imagine them winning every single time.

David "Snowman" Rotches (Ventnor, NJ) just scooped a monster 100,000 pot with, what else, pocket eights.

This time he was up against A-K.

After an Ace hit the turn, Rotches needed a miracle 8 to spike the river.

"I knew it was coming. I won five times today with pocket eights" said David Rotches.

Sure enough...

Board: 10 - 2 - Q - A - 8.

The crowd watching behind the table went nuts. Nobody could believe it!

Other players started calling David "The Snowman".

Rothces' stack stands at 175,000, among the leaders.

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