Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lyon Pounces On Three Meals

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

Chris Lyon & David Grubb

Table breaks after four way all-in felts three.

Chris Lyon (Brick, NJ) is the victor of the 50,000 pot. All four players are in pre-flop and Chris has them covered holding Q-Q.

Q-Q vs. Ah-10h vs. Ad-3d vs. 4-4

Board: J-10-3-Q-4

"I was down to 2,000 when I first got to that table" said 6 foot 6 inch tall Chris as he walks to a new table.

Chris Lyon is having a successful Borgata Summer Poker Open as he already claimed third in the $200 + $30 NLH for $7653.

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