Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bubble Burst!

$170 + $30 NLH 50,000 Guaranteed

When they reached 46 players, they went to hand-for-hand play on the bubble.

Play slowed to a crawl as the short-stacks were trying to survive.

Jay Johnson was all-in and behind holding AJ against AK. The flop was no help: T 6 5. Then a Queen hit the turn, giving Jay a gutshot to Broadway. A Jack would no longer help as it would give his opponent the Straight. The river delivered....a King! Jay made the straight to double-up to about 70k and avoid being today's bubble-boy.

Level 15 ended and they continued into level 16, blinds 3k/6k with 500 antes.

A couple of hands later, the short-stack on table one moved all-in on the button. Action was to Larry Klur in the big blind, who called the extra 10,800 in the dark. The short-stack was way ahead with pocket Queens. Larry rolled over 82. The flop was a mixed-bag: Q 4 3. Now the short-stack had improved to a set of Queens, but Larry had picked up a club flush draw. The turn was the 7 and changed nothing.

As players crowded around, the table, the call for "club, Club, CLUB" got louder and louder. "Nothing personal" one of them told the short-stack, whose tournament life was on the line.

The dealer burned and rolled over the river card, which was the 9! Larry took the pot with the flush and the 46th place player reported to the rail as today's bubble-boy.

With 45 players remaining, they are all in the money. The sixth table was broken and we now have five 9-handed tables.

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