Monday, June 28, 2010

Three More Casualties

$2000 +$200 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em
Championship Event Day 3

After an opening raise, Behrooz Jamshidi moved in, then Billy O'Neil moved in over the top. The opener got out of the way. Behrooz held AQ and was dominated by Billy's AK. The better hand held up and Billy took the pot. Behrooz finished 24th for $3,736. (He's the brother of well-known poker pro Sirous Jamshidi.)

Behrooz Jamshidi - 24th place

Daniel Fischer was all-in holding pocket 8s against AK suited of Dean Potashner. The flop came A J J, giving Dean the lead with Aces-up. Turn was another Jack, giving Dean Jacks-full of Aces and Daniel's Jacks-full of 8s was drawing dead. To add salt to his wound, the river was a useless 8. Daniel finshed 23rd for $3,736.

Daniel Fischer - 23rd place

Edip Ayaz was all-in and called by both Todd Geddis and John Borzio, who checked down the board of J 8 5 7 K. Todd's A3 suited missed completely. Edip's AQ also missed. John held J9 suited and took the pot with a pair of Jacks. Edip finished 22nd for $3,736.

Edip Ayaz - 22nd place

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