Monday, June 21, 2010

10th - Wells; 9th - Scavillo

$300 + $50 Omaha H/L

Terry Wells (Baltimore, MD) busted out very quickly once the final table got back to business.

The final 9 took a break at the end of the level, then resumed play with level 21, limits 12k/24k.

Jeff Hunter (small blind) got his last chips in on the turn with the board showing T 5 2 2. Vince Coleman and Adel Shakerian both called and the river was a 7. Vince held AA43 for the nut low and Aces-up. Adel held AKJ3 for the same nut low and Ace-high. Vince took three-quarters of the side pot, leaving only one-quarter for Adel.

Jeff tabled a very ragged T962 for deuces-full to take half the main pot. Vince and Adel split the low half.

After three players limped, Joseph raised all-in for 8k more from the small blind. Sean Scavillo called from the big blind and all the limpers called. On the flop of 9 4 2 with two clubs, Jeff Hunter bet, Adel Shakerian called, and Sean folded. Turn was an offsuit 4 and again Jeff bet and Adel called. River was the 6 of clubs. Jeff bet, Adel called.

Jeff tabled AKQ3 with two clubs for the King-high flush and nut low. Adel showed 7642 for fours-full to take the high-half of the side pot. Joseph rolled over AJ43 for the same nut-low to claim a quarter of the main pot, sharing it with Jeff. Adel got half the main pot with his full house.

A short while later, Sean Scavillo was all-in on a flop of K 9 4. Vince and Adel called and the last two came A 7. Vince held ATT9 for Aces-up. Adel held AT63 for the low. Sean showed AQQ5 and couldn't claim any portion of the pot. He was eliminated in 9th place ($681).

Sean Scavillo - 9th place

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