Monday, June 21, 2010

Final Table

$300 + $50 Omaha H/L

Last-woman-sitting Toni Pennington was the next player out. She finished 13th, earning $514.

Joseph Gaval was all-in against two opponents and caught runner-runner for the flush and the high and runner-runner for the nut-low and scooped the pot. He was all in again a couple of hands later and scooped again for another double-up!

Sean Scavillo (Jamison, PA) was all-in against Vince Coleman and Adel Shakerian. Adel got all his chips in on the turn and ended up getting quartered by Vince for the low in both the main and side pots. Sean got half the main pot with a straight. Adel was left with only about 25k.

Michael Demcovitz (Atlantic City, NJ) hit the rail in 12th place earning $590.

Play continued into level 21 with limits of 10k/20k.

Val Seifert was all-in on the flop against 3 players. Sean Scavillo got all-in on the turn against Vince Coleman (Sach Ramrakhani dropped out). Vince and Sean chopped the pot and Val was ousted in 11th place ($590) .

The final ten players drew seats and moved to the final table:

Seat - Player - Hometown
1 - Bill Hine - Bricktown, NJ
2 - Terry Wells - Baltimore, MD
3 - Walter Soho - Long Island, NY
4 - Jeff Hunter - Bronx, NY
5 - Mark Jones - Philadelphia, PA
6 - Sach Ramrakhani - New York, NY
7 - Vince Coleman - Camden , NJ
8 - Adel Shakerian - Falls Church, VA
9 - Joseph Gaval - Barnegat, NJ
10 - Sean Scavillo - Jamison, PA

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