Monday, June 21, 2010

Siegel Gets Torpekay To Fold Aces Pre-Flop

$500 + $60 Deep Stack NLH (1B)

I have Aces in the sb...okay - I'll give you a walk!

Now I've seen everything.

Torpekay Habashzada is sitting on 220,000 after turning a boat and knocking out yet another Opponent.

According to Poker Players International's Eric Siegel (who's to Torpekay's left) everyone keeps folding to her huge stack for fear she'll three and four bet pre-flop.

Sure enough in a blind battle between Torpekay and Siegel, it folds around to Torpekay's small blind.

Eric pipes up "C'mon, show the table you can fold from the small blind."

Habashzada didn't realize Eric was in the big blind and hadn't acted yet.

Thinking she's being nice, she tables two black Aces and mucks em.

Siegel wins with only Q-7.

"I've beaten Aces before but never like that" laughed Eric.

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