Monday, June 21, 2010

Profile - Monteavaro

Name: Joanne Monteavaro
Town: Bronx, NY

Occupation: Lawyer

Family: Youngest of two daughters, who have two wonderful parents. Aunt to three nephews and one niece.

Interests: International traveling, especially the Caribbean

Poker Start: Small home tournament in 2007

Best Borgata Moment: Final tabled the first real casino tournament I played. It was the $1k, during the 2008 Borgata Winter Poker Open. It was my first real tournament and I thought, wow I can do this.

Ipod Selections: I have different music for my different moods. When I'm on tilt I'll put Out of my Head (Fastball) on repeat. Short stacked: Holding Out for a Hero (Bonnie Tyler). Tired: Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme Song/Bill Conti). I know my selections are cheesy, but I love them!

Favorite Album: Joshua Kadison, "Painted Desert Serenade"

Favorite Television Show: 24. I'm disappointed the show's over. I'll miss it, but I'm looking forward to the movie.

Fictional Character to Best Represent Style of Play: Jack Bauer, he's resourceful, always gets the job done and stays alive.

Player Would Most Like to Face Heads-Up: Phil Ivey, because I love a good challenge and could learn something. I enjoy playing people who are better than me. (But only if we're playing low stakes!)

Guilty Pleasure: Anything chocolate

Quote to Live By: "The only people who never fail are those who never try."

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