Monday, June 21, 2010

Seat Open, Really!...Seat Open, Really?

$500 +60 NL Deep Stack (1B)

Even deep stacks and long levels aren't enough to keep people from busting early, and this isn't a tale of set over set or anything remotely considered a bad beat.

Basically John Merriam (Parsippany, NY) is given a gift from a player that used to be in seat 7. Merriam limps with KK, looking to trap. When his opponent raises, Merriam 4 bets to 4k and the player calls.

The flop is all low spades, seat 7 moves all-in with an open ended straight draw (no spade) and Merriam thinks about it for two nano-seconds and calls with the king of spades and calls. When the board bricks out Merriam adds 15k to his stack.

"It's a long way to go," says Merriam, "a long way to go."

Players are on a break, getting ready for Level 3 (75/150).

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