Monday, June 21, 2010

Roy Runs Bad

$500 +60 NL Deep Stack (1B)

Joe Simmons can't help but laugh as Roy Winston shows him the odds calculator for his bad beat hand.

Unless your opponent is drawing dead, it doesn't matter how much of a favorite you are to win a hand, you can still be beat. Roy Winston (New York, NY) is a seasoned pro, who's seen it many times, but says, "this is one of the worst beats I've seen in a long time."

Winston starts the hand with J 10 and calls a 450 raise from the button and 5 players go to the flop.

Flop: Q 9 4 (Winston flops an open ended straight flush draw)

Checks to Winston, who bets 2k and gets a call from Alex Im (Washington, D.C.).

Turn: K (Winston nut straight, with redraws to the flush and straight flush)

Im checks, Winston bets 6k, Im reraises to 12k, Winston shoves all-in and is at risk.

Im tables K Q (two pairs, and needs the K, Q or Q to win)

River: K

Im hits the three outer for a full house to win the hand and eliminate Winston during the second level. "All I can do is get it in as a 93% favorite," says Winston, who can only laugh and chalk it up to, "that's poker."

As he stacks the chips, Im says, "I got lucky. I had a feeling about the hand and hit it," as he stacks 50k in chips.

It was no secret that Winston is an accomplished pro and the table breathes a sigh of relief to see "The Oracle" on the rail. Winston smiles, shakes Im's hand and says, "there's nothing more I can do."

Level 4 (100/200) is underway.

Odds Calculator Going to the River


  1. There's something wrong with the recap. Winston has a 10 D in his hand and it comes out on the flop too.