Monday, June 21, 2010

Habashzada Leaves Opponent With Nada

Be very cautious when you tangle with deep stack chip leaders.

On a board of 4
9 2 6 Opponent raises and Torpekay Habashzada re-raises 15,000.

Opponent ships 50,000 total.

Before Habashzada decides, Opponent accidentally tables two black Kings and says, "Let these be good." Habashzada thinks for four seconds then makes the call showing A

Railbird confidently whispers to me, "she's gonna hit it". And just like that the 6
flushes the felt and Torpekay torpedoes to the chip lead with 160,000.

"You gotta be kidding. What's with these people!" exclaimed Opponent as he immediately left Borgata Poker Room.

I asked Habashzada what went through her mind when he tabled Kings. "I thought I could lose but I didn't think about folding" she said.

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