Wednesday, June 16, 2010

500 & Counting

$170 + $30 NL Re-Entry

Short Stacks' Last Chance

The short stacks are taking their final shots at doubling up as Level 3 winds down. "Three minutes to ship boys," shouts one player as this is the last level to re-enter the tournament.

Ted Geier (Sunnyside, NY) is taking full advantage of the structure, "I'm now a force to be reckon with," he says as he rolls his eyes after re-entering for a second time (three total).

Another player shouts to the floor manager, "If I'm all-in now, can I still get back in," this with 15 seconds on the clock. After getting confirmation the player says, "call," misses the straight draw and then before we can get his name is back in line for the last second re-entry.

More than 500 players are in the field as they head to a 15 minute break.

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