Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Are You Experienced?

$170 + 30 NLH Re-Entry

Graeson Burnette-Peake (Philadelphia, PA)

Is there such thing as a home field advantage in poker?

Graeson Burnett-Peake (Philadelphia, PA) normally plays at Borgata five days a week plus he's playing a full slate of tournaments in this years Summer Open. Point is, he's been in this situation before. He's holding an average stack and is ready to move up - looking to cash.

Players are getting sluggish after dinner break. Blinds are increasing and it's time to let your experience kick in. Experience with the players you've been playing with for hours, experience with how to play at each level, and experience in closing out a tournament.

Graeson - "I've got a little feel for these players. Time to sense weakness when you can and attack. Time to build chips. You gotta stack. Nobody wants to get it in bad."

Graeson seems to think Borgata Dealer Edwin will help generate some action at the table. Edwin's excited about the $332,544 bad beat jackpot that of course doesn't count if it hits in a tournament.

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