Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The First Noel

$170 + 30 NLH Re-Entry

Bobby Noel - Chip Leader - 500,000

Biggest pot of the tournament so far as two monster stacks collide.

Khal (Lancaster, PA) opens for 30,000.

Bobby Noel (Johnstown, PA) shoves his big stack in the Big Blind and Khal calls.

Noel's K-K vs. Khal's K-10 clubs.

Board runs out Q-6-2-2-3.

Both gents have about the same number of chips but after a count, Bobby Noel has Khal covered.

Khal's out and Noel is your chip leader with 500,000.

Bobby suggested I take his photo this morning before the sun rose, during the deepstack final table, fully expecting I would need it today.

"Now I'll take your photo, you're the chip leader" - Colonel Poker.

I asked Bobby what he did in Johnstown other than play on-line poker?

"There's not a whole lot to do in Johnstown" admitted Noel.

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