Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mayhem At Seven

$170 + $30 NL Re-Entry

Table Mates

Table Seven has been the loudest and craziest so far today.

A lot of standing, cheering, hooting and hollering after one and two outters continue to spike the felt. So many tables are all business - extremely serious. Seven got my attention because they're all talking, joking and having fun.

While I was visiting Table Seven Stan Zavoyskiy (Brooklyn, NY) chopped a pot with Chris Walker (Baltimore, MD) - both had A-K offsuit.

"I told you, I'm never gonna fold A-K never again in any situation" said Stan.

Greg Drobris (Old, Bridge, NJ) when asked about the atmosphere at the table, said with a smile, "We're all friends here. We're gonna show pictures of our families to each other later."

Walker mumbled - "I don't like any of them."

Jerry Citro (Jim Thorpe, PA) is having a good time. His advice, "Forget about the bad beats and you're in good shape."

Larry Ohalloran (Colonia, NJ) chortled, "I'm having fun although that one guy's a little annoying." Guess Larry won't be invited to the Table 7 family reunion.

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