Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Poker Profile - Robert Nguyen

Name: Robert Nguyen

Brooklyn, NY


Nickname: "Rob"

Playing Poker.

Former Occupation:
NYC Personal Shopper for celebrity clients including - Oscar DeLaHoya, Pat Riley, & Jerry Springer.

I have a 17 month old son at home.

I played high school and college basketball.

How you first got into poker: Three years ago, I played the PS3 - WSOP video game with my friends. Also learned a lot playing small cash games.

Best Borgata Moment:
When I showed a lady pocket queens pre-flop, she had pocket tens, and still called. You guys blogged about it.

Ipod Selections: Anything Hip Hop or Reggae.

Favorite Television Shows: Entourage

Who would play you in a Movie: Any Asian Actor

Player Would Most Like to Face Heads-Up: Phil Hellmuth

What People Should Know: I'm the friendliest person at Borgata.
I'm friends with everyone here.

Quote to Live By:
Everything that happens is because of God.

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