Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Joe Altomonte - 4th Place - $20,494

$500 + $60 NLH

Joe Altomonte - 4th Place - $20,494

They've been battling wits the entire final table.

Nikolay Volper vs. Joe Altomonte.

Earlier Joe said he was going to have nightmares about Nikolay and I believe tonight he will.

They both got in good but short stack Altomonte's A-K missed the coin flip against Volper's 8-8.

Board of 10-4-Q-9-7 was the end of the road for Joe.

"Good hand Nik" said Joe as members of the rail broke into a splattering of applause.

What an amazing comeback for Joe from where he was yesterday. Great job!

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