Wednesday, June 16, 2010

OG Hits One Outer

$170 + $30 NL Re-Entry

Anthony "Original Gorilla" Shurilla

The Original Gorilla Shurilla (Longswamp Twp., PA) needs a whole lot of help when he's all-in and at risk with JJ vs KK.

"I folded a jack," says one player. So with a 10% chance to win the hand, the last jack in the deck appears in the window and Shurilla doubles his 5500 and is now working his stack to north of 40k.

"I'll take it," says OG, who is a notorious complainer about losing to opponents who suck out on the river. "It definitely makes up for that," he says.

Shurilla made his first Borgata final table in this event during January's Borgata Winter Poker Open.

Level 9 (500/1k/100 ante) continues.

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