Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Don't Blog Me

$170 + $30 NL Re-Entry

Not "Josh"-ing Around with Ace-King
(protecting his privacy, sort of?)

One player is trying to fly under the radar with 40k in chips, but his table won't let him forget that he got them in one big pot.

Six players are in a limped pot on a board of K 8 6. Eventually three players are all in and the hands are:

AK (top pair, top kicker)
KQ (pair of kings)
86 (two pairs)

The turn and river are both 7s, giving the two players with kings a higher two pairs.

Vinny Runfolo (Hammonton, NJ) is less than thrilled with getting counterfeitted and the cleaned up version of his quote is, "I got the short end of the stick."

The winning player doesn't want to reveal his name and says, "you can call me Josh."

Runfolo's quick to respond, "he doesn't want everyone to know that he limped with ace-king from the big blind."

"I had the best hand preflop," fires back the mystery man.

"Yeah, that's what you want, 6 way action with ace-king," says Runfolo, who's left with only a few thousand chips and has already doubled-up since.

Level 4 (150/300/25 ante) continues.

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