Saturday, June 19, 2010

Event 10: Sansone "Old-Schools" the Youngsters

$1000 + $90 NL

Alan Sansone

Alan Sansone (Clifton, NJ) told his table that he takes 100, subtracts his age, and that's the percentage of the time he bluffs. On the hand in question, both Adam Gerber and the player in seat 10 folded pocket Tens (yes, they both had wired Tens) to Alan's bet. Alan didn't show.

Alan finished 13th in event 2 last week ($1,074). He's not happy about being called a "Grizzled Vet" in the blog. He's more like a "Snappy Senior" the way he's holding court over on table one.

Another accomplished Senior, Ed Corrado, has been moved to table one to join Alan and Adam.

Another table has broken so 11 tables remain with 110 players. Abraham Korotki has busted out.

Level 4 is winding down and the players will be rewarded with another ten minutes away from the felt.

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