Saturday, June 19, 2010

Event 11: Final 18

$260 + $40 Ladies NL

Seat 5 was all-in holding AK, only to run into Briana Myers' pocket Aces. The Aces held and Briana busted another one.

"That's, like, the 5th time I've had Aces today" Briana said as she was stacking her chips. Must be nice.

Over on table 3, there was an all-in and the player with the losing hand disappeared, despite having about 10k in chips left. No one was able to find her and her stack was being blinded off.

On a flop of T 9 8 with two hearts, the small blind checked to Farah Fath who fired 7k. Both the button and small blind called. Turn was an offsuit 3 and it was checked to Farah, who moved all-in. She had both the other players covered and they surrendered. Farah showed QJ for the nut straight as she collected their chips.

Level 11 concluded and they continued into level 12 with blinds of 1k/2k and 300 antes.

Min Zhuang got all-in pre-flop holding pocket Aces, getting action from the player in seat 6, who held A4 suited. The Aces held up again and Min doubled through.

The missing player was finally blinded off and with 18 players remaining, they redrew for seats and moved to the final two tables.

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