Saturday, June 19, 2010

Event 11: Leading Lady

$260 + $40 Ladies NL

After the load roar went up across the room, the rudest dude was seen exiting his table. I went over to see who had the honor of busting him.

Crystal Davidson (Maryland) told me the story. She considers Q3 a "cursed hand" because it is the hand she held when she busted out of the WSOP Ladies event. Because of this, she decided to raise holding Q3. The rude dude called and the flop came 5 4 4. She bet about 1,500, which was more than the dude had left. He called all-in holding A6 for Ace-high. Crystal was actually behind with Queen-high, but fittingly another Lady landed on the turn, giving Crystal a pair of Queens and the best hand. After the river bricked out, dude reported to the rail.

There's still one guy left, but he's behaving himself.

I eye-balled the stacks and Mojdeh Moayyed (Princeton, NJ) is leading the pack with about 47k. Min Zhuang, (Smithtown, NY) has about 31k and is sharing the same piece of felt. There are a few other ladies in the 30k range.

Level 6 wound down and the Ladies are enjoying their second break of the day. They will return in ten for Level 7 and blinds of 300/600 with 75 antes.

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