Saturday, June 19, 2010

Event 11: Fath Fades Four

$260 + $40 Ladies NL

At the end of level 8, the Ladies took ten while the staff colored up the green 25 chips.

Mojdeh Moayyed was still out in front with about 70k in chips.

Play resumed with level 9, blinds 500/1,000 with 100 antes, and 37 players at four tables.

Another three-way pre-flop all-in occurred on table four. Alice Lee was the short stack, all-in holding pocket 2s. Seat 2 held pocket Tens and was the biggest stack. Farah Fath (New York, NY) was out in front with pocket Kings.

Farah had to fade two tens and two fours, not to mention various straight and flush cards. The board ran out J 8 6 4 6 and Farrah scooped the big pot, sending Alice Lee to the rail and crippling the third player.

36 players remain.

Farah Fath is an actress, currently playing Gigi Morasco on the ABC soap One Life to Live. She can also handle herself at the poker table. She finished 10th ($679) in the Ladies event here in April.

Farah Fath

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