Friday, June 18, 2010

Event 8: Kings Good

$300 + $50 NL

After seat 9 three-bet to 2,400, Peter Nolastname (Brick, NJ) moved in from the button. After a couple of minutes in the tank, seat 9 called all in, tabling pocket 9s. Peter held pocket Kings and was out in front.

He was relieved his opponent wasn't holding AK when the flop came A 6 5. (Apparently there is an unwritten rule that when someone is holding pocket Kings, and Ace will always flop.) The last two fell safely for Peter with no 9 appearing and he took the pot, chipping up to about 23k. Seat 9 reported to the rail.

19 tables remain in this event, so fewer than 190 players remain.

Mark Vogler

Mark Vogler (Deer Park, NY) is up to about 44k and he pulled another pot while I was watching. His opponent bet 1,500 on the river on a very scattered board. Mark called and his pocket 3s were good when his opponent produced nothing but King-high. After adding a couple thousand more to his stack, Mark should be second is chips now.

Charles Zadikow looks to be third in chips with about 43k.

Play continues in level 5 with blinds of 150/300 and 25 antes.

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