Friday, June 18, 2010

Event 9: Dallessandro Dominating

32 players remain. Playing 300/600:

Tim Dallessandro and four other players limped to a flop of K 6 2 with two hearts. Seat 9 (big blind) led out with a pot-sized bet of 3k. Kevin Wolbach folded, Tim called, and the other two players folded.

They were heads-up to the turn which was an offsuit Deuce. Again seat 9 fired 3k and Tim flat-called. River was an offsuit 6 and this time seat 9 checked. It was Tim's turn to fire out a 3k bet and he got the call. Tim rolled over KQ52 double-suited (spades/clubs) for Deuces-full of Kings. Seat 9 mucked.

With that pot, Tim chipped up to ~53k.

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