Friday, June 18, 2010

Event 9: Buckley Busts Another

$300 + $50 PLO

Playing level 10 with 500/1,000 blinds:

Self-proclaimed donk Steven Buckley continues to run well. After the utg player limped, Steven raised pot to 4,500. Seat 7 (big blind) called, as did the utg player.

On the flop of T 9 5 with two spades, they checked to Steven, who pointed to the pot and said "Whatever that is is what I bet". Turns out the bet was 14k. Seat 7 looked him over and then moved all-in. The utg player opted out.

Steven eagerly made the call, tabling TT72 (clubs) for top set. Seat 7 held JJ99 double-suited in hearts and diamonds. His set was in bad shape and he was drawing slim to a Jack for a bigger set or an 8 for the straight (without the board pairing).

It was not meant to be as the last two came running 4s, giving Steven the full boat and the pot. Steven is now up to ~114k.

27 players remain.

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