Friday, June 18, 2010

Event 9: Boiling Bubbles

$300 + $50 PLO

Borgata's Top 10 in PLO

The action is really heating up with the two big stacks colliding as the remaining 10 players are on the bubble, one spot off the money.

Steven Buckley has no fear and on back-to-back hands pots the action preflop after a raise by chip leader Mark Steitz. After folding the first time, Steitz makes the call and they see a flop of
A 4 J.

Buckley, who projects the image of a wild man, leads out for 30k and after tanking, Steitz makes the call.

The turn is the 3, and Buckley pushes all in for ~80k, putting Steitz to the test. Steitz, the more conservative of the two players, folds after a lot of internal deliberation. "I picked up another draw," he says.

Buckley's now the chip leader and quickly tables A6, for top pair and the nut flush draw.

Steitz has lost ~70k since play is down to one table.

Players are now on dinner break and play resumes with Level 15 (2k/4k).

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