Friday, June 18, 2010

Event 9: Steitz Snuffs Simmons

$300 + $50 PLO

About half-way through level 11, blinds 600/1,200.

Mark Steitz

After Mark Steitz (Marlton, NJ) opened, Joe Simmons moved all-in for 10,800 from the button. Mark thought about it for a few moments, then made the call. Joe tabled JJ54 (spades/clubs). Mark held KQQT (spades to nullify Joe's spades).

The flop came A Q T giving Mark a set. When a Ten paired the board on the turn, it was all over. Mark had made a full house and Joe was sent packing.

Mark is up to ~105k and coincidentally is sitting to the left of chip leader Steven Buckley, who has about 115k.

21 players remain. Average is over 37,600.

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