Friday, June 18, 2010

Event 9: New PLO Leader

$300 + $50 PLO

As I was squinting at Steven Buckley's chips trying to get an eyeball-estimate, he said "It's about 87k, I think". That looks about right to me and puts him firmly in the chip lead.

Steven Buckley

Steven, who claims to be a 'Minute Man' from Washington Township, NJ, said "I'm such a donk. Come back in a few minutes and it'll be about 10k and much easier to count.

"Hey Minute Man, it's your small blind" said the dealer. Had to let Steven get back to business.

They're down to 30 players. Only the final 9 get paid. Average stack is about 26,300.

Level 9 has concluded and they're taking a break.

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